" In case you don't hear it often enough, I'm one of those who truly enjoys your site."
---Jim MacKay --- Oregon

" God bless you your web site is great!....I read at work and honestly I think I better stop reading at work because people are going to start thinking that maybe I have problems at home or something because I always finish reading them with my eyes full of tears!"

" I recently stumbled on to your site by accident and was pleasantly surprised and unexpectedly uplifted by what I saw. It's a nice break for a student labouring away on term papers and finals! I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that you are making a positive contribution, and I salute you."
---Brennan Leffler

" Thanks for the note and the great website. I've been pulling quotes off of your site to share with my staff and others who might benefit from them. They've really become an important motivational tool for me."
---Tim Barchie --- Georgia

" This web site has inspired my creativity. It has shown me new ways to look at things. I enjoy very much and I come to this web site very often. Thanks!"
---Anonymous --- Canada

" I want to thank you for creating a site involving teens. I am 17 and I look for answers and not many people can believe that some of us teens have a thirst for wisdom. Thank you for realizing this and involving us with the broadening of our minds."

" I teach at a high school where I am also a guidance counselor and the student council advisor. Your site has been a lifesaver for me! I have started putting the teacher motivational quotes in the teacher's lounge. Student Council put copies of the poems and website address in the teacher's box for American Education Week. I have given all of my Student Council representatives the address for this website. I also have been able to share many of the inspirationals with students that I am counseling. Thanks for a wonderful resource!"
---Virginia S.

" I love this site, and it's an inspiration to me."
---Anne, 14, Pennsylvania

" Just wanted to say I really enjoy the site. I always look forward to visiting. The positive and uplifting quotes and stories are so refreshing. Your work in maintaining the site is very much appreciated."
---Steven Oliveira --- Ontario, Canada

" This site is so great! I come three to four times a week to look at all the new quotes. You can learn from these quotes about life, and relate to them."
---Jerome J., Age 17 --- California

" I just finished reading, "Who I Am Makes A Big Difference" and it gave me chills. As I sit here typing this email tears are flowing freely down my face. We as parents need to remember how fragile, yet special our children are. How many of our kids think they're not loved. Even though I try to show mine I love them, I will be sure and tell them tonight. Thanks."

" I've been a visitor to your site for almost a year now. You've done an outstanding job, keep up the good work."
---John Alt --- North Carolina

" Thank you for your site. I just love to come and read all the stories that you have there. They always help me to think."
---Jared --- Utah

" I am a regular visitor to your site . The inspirational and motivational quotes really work for me."

" Great site! Thanks for the thoughts!"
---Lisa --- Michigan

" I love the site, and thank you for your work done on it, it's very nice."
---Adam D., Age 16

" Your webpage is really great. I especially like the stories. Sometimes when I find one I like, my sister (age 15) will use it at her fellowship club at school, since she is like the leader of it. Often reading your stories brightens my day."
---Dana, Age 13

" I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your site! It has really helped me get through some hard times."
---Donna --- Illinois

" I haven't been around for a while. I have been all caught up in life's little troubles and forgot to slow down and smell the roses. I couldn't sleep tonight thinking of all my worries and troubles, then I thought of your wonderful web page and how I haven't seen it in a while. Well, guess what! The first thing I read was "Why are things they way they are?" by Lisa Burchett. It was BEAUTIFUL!! Oh I must have cried for 5 minutes! :o) It really touched my heart. It was VERY beautifully written. BEAUTIFUL. If you have her address or the address of the person who sent it, would you please tell them how much I loved it? Thanks so much! Thanks for your web page! You bring so many good things to so many people!"
---Lori H. --- Nevada

" I love the site!!! I work at a Junior High and I have a motivational quips board outside my office, but have begun exhausting new and inspirational sayings. then I found you - yahhh!!! Thanks again for taking the time to inspire, motivate & brighten the lives of others!! "
---Cindy O'Neill --- Newfoundland, Canada

" I want to tell you what a difference reading from your site has made in my life. When I listen to the news or read the papers I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sadness and afflictions of the world. Yes, unfortunately the world does have crime and poverty and hate, BUT your site has proven goodness and love prevails in the world. Thanks to all who share and keep the circle of love forever going round and round. A simple act of kindness ripples across oceans. "
---Pat McKnight

" Thank you very much for the wonderful message today. My wife and I are starting our own business and even though we're plugging into a proven system of success, it's still hard not to doubt our ever making it big. We'll come here all the time, now. Keep us going! "
---Steve & Kelly Brown

" I love your site and use it all the time to send uplifting quotes to friends."
---Sincerely, Rebecca Douthit --- California

" I would just like to let you know how much I enjoy this site. It is so great! One day I was looking for poetry for English, and somehow I ran across your site! Just a few days ago I told my teachers and principals about it, and now everyone in the school enjoys it and looks forward to getting a little inspiration everyday."
---Crista W., Age 16 --- Michigan

" Thank you for this page. When I started looking through all of the thoughts and words that are written on it I started to cry. I have always known that I have great gifts that I will never understand, gifts that many others would kill for, but I have never used them.

The last two years of my college career had been just like every other year, mediocre and not living up to the expectations that others and myself had placed before me, until today.

The quotes that I read reached inside of me and touched me in a way that few things ever have. My father is a walking quote book, not meaning that he rattles off Shakespeare or Thoreau, but that from every thing he says, a little seed of wisdom comes out.

I thought of something that he once said to me that I hope can help someone that is maybe in the same position that I am, and can help them to understand how their confusion and frustration can help them. He said - Sometimes it is more important to know what you don't want to do before you can know what you want to do."
---Zach B., --- Ohio

" I wanted to thank you for your beautiful web site! I visit it almost daily and I apologize for never taking the time to tell you how much I appreciate it. Today my daughter is out of school sick, so I have slowed down long enough to drop you a note.

I work in an office with lots of pressure and stress. Everyday I send an office wide e-mail to my colleagues with a "thought of the day" to start their day off with a smile and a positive beginning. I look through your web site until one of the quotes jumps out at me, it's funny someone always comments to me "How did you know that's what I needed?" So, thank you for helping me helps others!"

" I came across your web site, stopped and have not left it since I found it. It is great. I really enjoy the quotes...keep up the good work! I e-mailed my son tonight in Colorado told him to get on and find it, he will love it. He likes these kind of inspirational things. Thank you for letting me be a part of your readers who enjoy good things!"
---Shirley --- Michigan

" I pass along Motivation and Inspiration everyday to my clients and friends. Your site is awesome and a virtual gold mine for fresh material!! Thanks again for all of your hard makes all the difference to many people that are looking for inspiration and motivation."
---Larry Josephs --- Minnesota

" I just wanted to tell you that your site was awesome and I love it. I was looking for a motivational quote for an assignment in class and somehow I got into your site and I didn't find just one cool quote, I found about ten pages worth. Needless to say, I got an "A" on that project and I still look at your site almost every day. I always seem to see something new every time. Your stuff is so cool."
---Jennifer M.--- Age 15 --- Oklahoma

" I have just spent over an hour enjoying your web site. Like many others I have been searching for an inspirational site when life tries to get the better of me. Sometimes it is hard to stay focused and positive, but with help from everyone who adds to this site, I feel so much stronger inside. I can't wait to share some of the quotes with friends."
---Diana --- South Australia

" Just a note to say thanks for your site....sometimes when one feels the weight of the world on his shoulders, he looks for others words to complete his thoughts. I received some strength from your page in an hour of need. Thanks!!!"
---K.S. --- Alberta, Canada

" I really enjoy your site , I especially like the teen page, it shows that there are lots of great young people out there. My mum is 40 next week and I borrowed one of your quotes to put on the card I made her, I know she will love it."
---Laura, Age 12 --- Australia

" I just wanted to say thank you for these quotes and motivational stories. My family and I have gone through a lot in the past weeks. I have found many wonderful things on your site to send to my family for inspiration and comfort. I know they have appreciated it and so have I."

" Thank you for maintaining such a beneficial web site. I quite often visit you for inspiration and to copy a quote which I then share with about 220 people on my e-mail list. The highlight of my Monday (the day that I send out my quotes) is when I receive a response to a quote telling me how it has helped somebody at just the right time. I will continue to visit you and wish you all the best!"
---Bryce Franks

" Just discovered your site by chance. Absolutely Awesome! Thank You!"
---Pete Joyner --- Georgia

" I have been looking at motivateus site for a long time, and just wanted to tell you that I think it is an awesome site. The writing that is on there is incredible and I really love it. I have many of the things printed out and on my wall or in my quote book."

" Yesterday, I went on the Internet and typed in quotes to be searched. It came up with a list of over a thousand, so I started searching and eventually came to yours. In general, I love quotes, but this time I was looking for special ones for my cousin who is graduating this year and I'm making a scrapbook for her! Your web-site is awesome and I would like to congratulate you and your staff for having such awesome things on the web."
---Lynn S., Age 16

" I'm glad you started this teaching section, it's really inspirational."
---Liz --- Singapore

" Thanks for putting together such a wonderful, positive, and inspiring website. I absolutely love it!"
---Jennifer, Age 19 --- Florida

" I stumbled onto your website just a week ago and I would like to thank you for the compiled motivating articles you have. I constantly use them as an example in the training programs I conduct. I find your selection of the articles very tasteful and keeping with the "motivational" ambiance. Again, I would like to congratulate you on a most interesting and "motivating" website. More power to you and God Bless."
---Ferdinand Villanueva Aquino --- Philippines

" I love your site and it's dependability. I love the fact that it is there and full of just great stuff when I need it. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Many thanks from an unseen but grateful day to day user."
---Andy Ladd

" Thanks for having such a great site. I love it! The stories always touch me. I've cried and laughed. Some I have printed up and have in my dorm room."
---Traece P., Age 18 --- Louisiana

"I find your web page incredible. It's simply breathtaking! What a good idea to do this. I thank you in the name of everyone who's ever needed that little push to keep a happy face."
---Linda M. Roman

" I am thankful for! I just wanted to say that I really love this web site. I have been looking for a site that I can go to that explains all the ways I feel about life. Keep up the good work!"
---Robert Snellgrove

" Thanks for taking the time to read my quotes and making such a great website! It really does help a lot. I printed out a bunch of them and I bring them to swim meets with me. They really help me to get focused on my race and a lot of times, during a hard and long race when I want to give up, I just think of a certain quote and it makes me keep going. I just wanted to share with you how useful these quotes can be and to say thanks again for this great website! Keep up the great work!!!!"
---Courtney S., Age 14 --- Virginia

" Thanks for a wonderful site. I am a principal of an Agricultural school in South Africa. I use your quotes every week for the teachers and the students. It is wonderful to inspire other people."
---Hennie Olivier --- South Africa

" Thank you for this beautiful site. It has helped me in so many ways."
---Sonia Alaniz --- Texas

" I really love your web site. I read (and re-read) the things you put on it quite often, especially when I need some encouragement or I am just feeling down and need a lift for my spirits. Many of the quotes have brought a tear to my eyes, they were so moving. I hope that your site continues to grow and get better and better. It is the only site for motivational sayings and quotes I go to, because it is the best."
---Ron Bechtlofft --- Texas

" I wanted to be another teenager to tell you that this is one of the most positive and absolutely wonderful sites, and that it is great that you are doing something positive on the Internet unlike so much other stuff on it. This site helps me and my day would not be complete without taking a look at it."
---Marisa, Age 16 --- California

" My students are really enjoying the quotations I take to them each day from your wonderful pages. Many are even writing their own thoughts. Again thanks for your inspiring pages. They are a real blessing and a great source of motivation for our kids."
---Cynthia Ramírez --- San Germán, Puerto Rico

"You have a great site and we visit often. Great place it re-enforce my PMA!!!!"
---Dave Denison --- Ontario, Canada

" I am a high school guidance counselor in Georgia and I often print the quotes on this site to put on my "dream board" in my office. My dream board is where the students bring me pictures of the things they dream about in their future and I put the motivational quotes on the board to help them dream as well."
Keep up the GREAT work!
---Tracy L. McNair --- Georgia

" Thank you for MM, it's the best site I've managed to find on the Internet :o)"
---Luke Dart --- Northern Territory, Australia

" Thank you again, your web site is amazing. I have a book in which I continue to add quotes, almost everyday. So that when I am feeling in the dumps I can read some quotes and end up feeling much better about myself and the world around me. I one day hope to pass this book (may become more than one in time) to my child. Your web page is helping me to do that."
Thanks again,
---Wendy McC., Age 18 --- Ontario, Canada

" Thanks again for putting together a web site which a has made the world a better place in general and has made my world a better place in particular. "
---Gary Parks --- Texas

" I just wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful site for all the people ( like me ) who are searching for help and answers that only powerful quotes can give. I was glad to help add to your collection, it's my pleasure. Also thank you very much for responding and letting me know what you think. Keep up the good work and if I find anything better or new I will be sure to let you know. Thanks for your kindness and understanding! "
---Kimberly S., Age 13 --- Florida

" Thank you so much for your fantastic site. I am somebody who has really found direction in life over the past 12 months and so many of these quotes feel like they are related directly to my life! I would just like to congratulate you on your fantastic idea for this site as I hope it helps many other teenagers find direction as well!"
---Brooke Ferguson --- Australia

" I am a primary school teacher. I try really hard to be the nicest, caring teacher I can. I would rather be remembered by my students for being a great person rather than an excellent math teacher. Every day I write a motivational quote on the board, I don't know if the students really understand their meaning, but I am sure that one day when they are older they will remember these quotes and hopefully they will inspire and change their lives. I am big fan of motivational quotes, they grab my heart and make me feel good. Anyway I really love your page and I really appreciate your good work. I really love the sayings "Pain is Temporary, but Glory is forever", and "No person is a failure, if a person has friends" (Its a Wonderful life). Inspire while you are here."
God Bless
---Mark --- Australia

" Thank you for posting such great sayings. I am so heartened that our children are so positive. You all are like water in a desert. I am so refreshed when I call up the site and read such pleasant sayings. Thank you again!"
---Brian Sterling

" I really enjoy your site, it has so many good quotes. It has really helped me through this hard time; my best friend died last month and it as really been tough. Your site has helped heal me greatly."
---Ryan Anthony Breaux

" What a wonderful web site you have. I've gotten some wonderful quotes to share with other people. Thank you very much."
---Shelly Edson --- Vermont

" Thank you, thank you! I just bought WebTV. I'm 63 yrs young and ready to retire. One of the first things I researched was quotes and there you were. How lucky can one get?"

" I heard about your site at a leadership training camp I attended with my students last week. What a rich resource for classroom quotes! Thank you for providing it!"
---Janet Shelley --- Florida

" I wanted to write to firstly thank you for the wonderful inspiration and motivation which I derive from your site. I have always had an immense interest in quotes and your site brings out many of my favorites and helps me see many more which correspondingly I believe has had a positive impact on my life."
---Reg Gablia

" I've visited your page HELPING THROUGH THE GRIEF for the first time two days ago. Since then I have returned there every night...looking through the stories and quotes sent in by so many people. It is amazing the comfort I find in the words of other people trying to cope with a lost loved one...

I've been crying constantly for two days now. I cry for my own grief and the grief of other people. I'm from South Africa but we moved to Colorado, 3 months ago. I left so many things behind...My dog, my horse, my friends, family.

But I guess the things I miss the most is the things that can never be replaced. I miss my grannies and grandpa. They've all passed away. I miss 2 friends who have died in car accidents...I miss another friend who killed himself 4 months ago.

My boyfriend's brother was killed in a car accident. Tomorrow it will be exactly a year ago he died...Like I've said I've been crying these last 2 days...I feel the pain of my boyfriend and my own pain...sometimes it feels too much...What is the worst is to see the pain in his eyes. When he talks about his brother (17) he always smiles so fondly and then when he talks about the accident his smile's replaced my a sad frown and pain in his eyes...he has his brother's eyes and smile :)

Life is hard yes...but it is pages like yours that show us the silver lining of the clouds. Thanks so much for all the inspirational and motivating pages !!"
---Mariaan E., Age 17 --- Colorado

" Your site is the best. Always makes me want to hop up and run like Forrest Gump. Run and run and run.....Thanks, Great Help."
---Nick Mountoulias

" I was looking for interesting quotes to use as a thought of the day in my fourth grade classroom. I am very excited about your site. THANKS!"
---Lisa Snow --- North Carolina

" This website has offered me so much spiritual guidance and spiritual growth for some time now, and I greatly appreciate its presence."
---Amy Santini --- Kentucky

" I heard about this site from a former Oklahoma FHA/HERO state officer when I became the new state president. This site has so many different quotes and stories--an assortment that other quote sites can't offer."
---Anna Clovis --- Oklahoma

" Just a quick note to let you know that your hard work is appreciated. I am a mother of four, trying to keep a Christian family together in an increasingly Godless world. I have been finding it more difficult now that the boys are teenagers. I will share the quotes and stories found here with my family and workmates."
Thank you and go with God,
---Annette --- Australia

" I can not put in to words how much I love your web page. The inspiration and hope it offers is truly a blessing! God bless you and yours......"
---Michael Boatright --- California

" What a pleasure to discover your amazing site and contributing some thoughts! I think the work you are doing is worth appreciating."
---Smith Pierre --- Haiti

" I thought I'd take the time out to compliment you on your site. So here it goes... GREAT SITE! =) I've been searching for a web site like yours for a long time. The one with inspirational quotes not only from famous people but also quotes from average teenagers. Good job! Well, done! Keep It Up! In the mean time... I will go back reading those motivating moments of yours. =)"
---Katie Y., Age 17 California

" Keep it up Marlene, a day can hardly pass without getting onto this site, it just makes my day."
---Cassandra Zenzo Ncube --- Zimbabwe

" I am a sentimental person and I found that this was the site I've been looking for all my life."
---Alisha Sarabjeeth --- South Africa

" I think in this crazy world we live in, too many times thanks go left unsaid. Thank you for creating and maintaining a site where spiritual and inspirational thoughts are not shunned. I find myself going back to this site frequently just to have a smile cross my face and sometimes a tear run down my cheek. Thank you again, there aren't many people willing to take a risk and go against the grain."
---Brady --- Utah

" I am a frequent visitor of your motivational site. I have long been wondering what I can contribute to a world of teens seeking inspirations so I am sending you a quote that really helped me. Here's a little background:

After being in a relationship for a little more than a month, I had found myself head over heels for the other. One day at the end of a phone conversation, I was getting ready to hang up, and he goes, "I have three words for you" My heart jumped! And as I listened, they were not the three words I had longed to hear, but maybe three words I needed to hear even more. "Love is patient." I promise, through that any relationship, or trying time with another, these three words will help you through.

Please, continue the great work on the motivational site. Your attitude about teens (teens are terrific) is a rare one, and needs to be passed on."
---Chyla D., Age 15 --- Wisconsin

" Discovering your site made my day today. And I have added many beautiful and life-giving moments to my 'Quotes' file. Keep doing the good work. Today I spent 2 hours on your site and I know I am going to spend many more regularly."
---Sandhya --- India

" Hi, I just wandered into your site yesterday, and have found it the best place so far for motivation, inspiration and success quotes. I love the teen quote pages. Anyway you are doing an excellent job and I would like to say thanks."
---Richard Swanson --- New Zealand

" Thank you for doing what you do. It sure makes you feel better to read these and it makes your day better!"
---Lindsey, Age 16 --- South Carolina

" Dearest Marlene,
The whole 'feel' of this place is uplifting! As I came across one golden nugget after another, I kept thinking of different people I know who would benefit greatly from the wise words on this site and I can't wait to send them your URL. You are an inspiration to the soul, an incredible balm to the heart, and a soft caress to the worried mind!

After spending a great deal of time being inspired and uplifted by your incredible web site, I am proud to present the WiseHearts Wisdom Award to Motivating Moments. I created this award some time ago, but to date, have never given it out. I started to think I had set the standard too high, but I was wrong. By actively advocating participation from your visitors, you have drawn wisdom from the four corners of the earth, and you showcase it brilliantly. Bravo!"
---Terri McPherson --- Ontario, Canada


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