By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright 2015
Released October 27, 2015

have compassion for your fellow man

"...And thru life each person moves through stages. This grand stage of life."

I constantly search for solitude, and within that search I always find pieces of 'me'.

In this fast-paced, meaningless-based society, one needs to build upon and continually upgrade their solitude. And found within this realm is an inner clock of silence that can bring forth an output of work that is profound in both meaning and endurance. You are the writer, director, and producer of your own life's work. You premiere it to the world every waking second.

The first job that each of us should go to when we rise each morning is the job of helping others. To hold that position will demonstrate a lifetime of both commitment and accomplishment. What we can create from that job is a world full of peace. The wealthiest people are those that enrich others. They have taken the 'ME' out of the enrich equation.

A person whose life's ambition is to defeat others only defeats themselves for it is a lesser person whom knows not themselves. Depositing human kindness currency as opposed to making withdrawals of human kindness currency is the best transaction of all. The rivers of human dignity and compassion lead to the ocean of peace.

We have to look at the world differently. We have to change the mindset of how many of the habitants of our planet look at this world; for it is an incorrect, malfunctioning working model.

People that lived before 1500 A.D. believed that the world was flat. Why? Because that was what they were told. That is what the scientists believed. Can you imagine?

A false truth.

Are there other false truths occurring now?

Just look around at your world.

Look at what we are doing to one another.

Are we acting, or living?

Are the people you know in your inner-circle the real people they portray to be or are they people whom media, corporate hypnotics, and greed, are trying to keep under control; to be spoon-fed worthless values and thus buying into an illusional euphoria?

Kids are endlessly asking questions that adults rarely do. We consistently have to question, to be inquisitive and to challenge what is before us. Is it required, needed, or of any value?

One question we need to ask ourselves is do the events that I'm partaking in today make any difference or benefit our planet? What am I talking about? What am I living? What is our household doing?

Are we developing proper social skills? Often we see people (perhaps even ourselves) laughing after then say a sentence. A sort of awkwardness exudes from within our own being. Often we talk of matters of little to no importance, as we haven't developed our social skills to discover what our true life priorities should really be. We have to develop all stages of our own being first.

Each day we write a new chapter to our own life's story. Shouldn't the overall message be the same? To place others before one's self? Those feelings coursing through your veins, we all feel them. We all do. Each of us basically feels the same emotions.

The goal should not be to run away from others. Nor to belittle one's that are different (or talk about them negatively behind their back). Something is making them respond the way they are.

Compassion is required during all waking hours; during work or play. Even during our darkest moments, so are others experiencing the very same feelings.

Self-compassion is essential. The goal. Your end-goal should not be about materialistic withdrawals, but making deposits of love into your fellow person. When a person can channel their existence, be all that, then one becomes truly successful in life. No matter where you live, or what you own, you will always own yourself.

A universe of self-liking. A universal love. Watershed moments. You are changing physically and mentally every second. These perceptions, this interface if you will, might possibly be broken down. Examine your own personal interface to make sure it is functioning properly. Creating a new framework.

Can one remove the fabrication of sorrow? Discover a new energy source within? Change physically and mentally?

Of course you can. You own the power within yourself to do so. With everything mentioned here, you can create new thinking, new beings, new like-minded people. People that love, and live a healthy way. A positive way. It is all by choice. Your choice.

Sadly, the choice many have made is the incorrect one created by false minds and phony imposters selling us false security like a snake oil salesman. We can uncover the root of our problems and when new choices are made, a real, promising peace within these solutions occur.

In each one of us, there exists a road to creating world peace. Take some small steps. First, live by the example that you portray. Share any positive thoughts or information you have discovered. Stitch it into the fabric of mankind.

World peace is possible. And starting with you and me, it is all possible. It is just about people. People create systems. They create it all. Whatever we want, we create it. We really need to fight the good fight, and bring a stop to all the problems and suffering in this world.

With each foot step we can go forward. Each step placed carefully, maneuvering towards this new, enlightened being. This new consciousness.

Hope, understanding, and willingness to change, can be found inside and shared with all. Small steps eventually lead to one big step forward.

3, 2, 1......and........action! Now showing! This grand spectacle. This grand performance. The grand marquee. Your life. Your peace. Your human dignity and compassion.

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Miles Patrick Yohnke photographs by Shaun Salen.

Miles Patrick Yohnke is a globally recognized motivational author, poet, and mentor with a wealth of life experience. His philosophies and materials are used in schools in Africa, India, and the United States. They are used by preachers in their pulpits. They have been read on National radio and featured in countless publications.

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