I Am Worthy

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright 2016 - All Rights Reserved.
Released October 11, 2016

Miles Patrick Yohnke contemplating God

Like the magical transformation of the caterpillar to the butterfly, one's own self can be transformed into a state of health and worthiness.

There was a woman in her twenties who was getting married in eight months. She was overweight (she had been overweight most of her life).

She wanted to lose the weight and look her very best for her groom and their special day. She started attending a gym. In the first month she lost fifteen pounds and then she quit going. Why? Why did she quit?

Perhaps she thought she wasn't worthy or entitled to look like those other fit people. I'm an overweight person, I'm not entitled to be slim, to be pretty, may have been playing over and over in her mind; a lot of negative self-talk. We will often make excuses or do everything possible to sabotage our own lives.

Where does this dysfunctional thought-pattern come from?

At any point in our lives we can find ourselves caught inside a negative environment such as alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, overeating, harmful relationship patterns, or chronic procrastination, to name just a few; ones that leave us ostracized.

Emotionally we can feel like we have been dragged behind a high-octane dragster, with no finish line in sight. Perhaps we were told that we are not smart. Not pretty. Not worthy. Not entitled to pursue something churning deep within us.

We develop a tendency to become bogged down in our feelings of inadequacy.

There is a darkness that prevails - a parasite in one's soul. It festers and feeds upon our very being inside our subconscious mind. We keep putting it off -- this fear of knowing -- this knowing that we want more -- more from our lives.

And with this powerful feeling of inadequacy, one can often find themselves attracted to like-minded people who carry similar dysfunctional thought patterns, which only serve to escalate the situation more.

As with any dysfunction, if indulged in and well fed, it can become tenacious and prevent us from choosing a healthy lifestyle thus keeping us stuck within a vicious cycle of despair.

How does one overcome what has often been a lifetime of dysfunction?

It is done by learning to recognize, take charge of, and change your thought patterns- undo what others have often programmed into your thought process. Uncover that you have not yet evolved into the real you.

To free yourself, the discovery begins with the conscious action of deliberately stepping back from your thoughts. Become an observer and be watchful of both the content and the intent of everything arising within your own mind and heart. An awakened life is the same as a conscious awareness of an incomparable and undivided presence.

Accept that you are a worthy person. That you are entitled to whatever life's ambitions you choose.

On your journey of metamorphosis you may find yourself wanting to entertain your old bad habits. There will be people who will try their very best to hold you back and this can tempt you to revert back to your old, familiar ways because sometimes, something old feels more comfortable than something new. Embody the new; this new found freedom to fly.

Learn to recognize negative behaviors. Learn to detect these types of people.

Once we recognize these circumstances and people that once restricted us, kept us bogged down, kept us inactive - we can traverse the path that we truly had envisioned for ourselves.

There once was a young man from a small province, who while in grade ten was told by his teacher / principal that he would not accomplish much with his life but that it was okay to accept, because he could always work on their family farm. This was in a negative context, thinking that this was a simple life that anyone could do. Little respect was conveyed through this comment. But this comment was not taken lightly, nor shrugged off.

With resolve and hard work throughout his schooling, he was able to enroll in a university of agriculture program. For the next seven years after that, he went on to obtain his Ph.D. in poultry sciences, with much acclaim for his work done there. In the following years his passion for poultry production took him across his home country, then on to become head of research at a university in another country, and then to become one of the head researchers for a well known world wide poultry nutrition company.

There will often be times in your life where you feel like it's you versus the world but do not discard your life for less.

Shift your emotional gears -- exert a fresh force that pulls you towards freedom from your once crippled cocoon for you are entitled to your chosen aspirations. The magical possibilities are literally within you.

Like the transformation of a cocoon-bound caterpillar, to the gorgeous striking wing patterns of a fully developed butterfly, your life can also morph into and become a grand spectacle.

Your thought patterns can change into a natural display of beauty like the butterfly's wing patterns, one where your beauty takes flight and the new healthy foundation that you have created will bring joyful tears of happiness and inspiration to the faces of others.

Please understand that your life, your wings, your heart, your love, and your new though patterns will know no hesitation - no start or finish line.

Your life is a most deserved one. A most worthy one!

picture of Miles Patrick Yohnke at the age of 53 - fit and toned after working out extensively.

Miles Patrick Yohnke, age 53, 2016. Photographs by Marcel Toews.

Copyright 2016 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

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