Fall Into Light

For Nikolitsa Boutieros
By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright 2012 - All Rights Reserved.
Released October 26, 2016

They experienced new and unforeseen depths of feelings, from an enchanted little apartment, to a quaint little apartment, abroad in the city of New York.

Fall into light, fall into light.

God the instigator, God the unifier,
who cemented these two children together.

Injecting sincerity and emotional power, like carefree youths, fascinated by each other, fueled by their desire, exploring then captured, an appetite for life, and freedom was found.

They made love from a different place.
I'll take care of you with my life for yours.

Fall into light, fall into light.

They searched each other's interior minds, over chai spice black tea and candlelight.

With the aromas of rose from Turkey and essential oils, their obsessions for music, photography, film and book, unravel like tales from Cave, Smith and Hitchcock.

Encaptured in the room of stillness, oneness and wholeness.
The domination of their thoughts entrusted within each another, with persistent desires the moonlit night metamorphosizes to day.

What lies between a man and a woman alone in an apartment?
For she is the antidote for his spirits when down, and he the antibiotic for her ill heart.

Love at first sight, lyrically, naively, shine on these romantics.

Fall into light, fall into light.
Fall into love.

November 2, 2012

Copyright 2012 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

Poster of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds poster

Miles Patrick Yohnke, in his apartment, 2016.
Photograph by Marcel Toews.

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