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February 25, 2011

Mission Possible Status: Accepted

"Do you want your tombstone to read: 'here lies the problem' or 'here lies the solution'? Each of us can do great things. We get but one life. Let's make it one where we help others. We have to become more then we are."
--- Miles Patrick Yohnke

Here are some samples of the responses we have received so far for Mission: Possible (Once Upon A Lifetime) since it's official release the morning of Friday, Feb. 25th, 2011.

Name: Chiao Kee Lim
Title: Award Winning Author
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Mission Status: Accepted

"There is too much trash out there. In books, magazines, newspapers, and people are reading them and having all these negative thoughts burned into their subconscious mind. Almost all of them don't realise the type of destruction or toxicity it creates in their minds and their day-to-day thinking and action. And people wonder why there is so much violence in this world. So much deceit. So much poverty. I'm with you on this, Miles. 100%."

Name: Gary Braithwaite
Title: Farmer, Cattler and Businessman
Location: Landis, Saskatchewan, Canada
Mission Status: Accepted

"It really can be the start. I don't even listen to the crap news (Canadian rated air play of the News). Depression I don't need. I have witnessed and have learned one thing in nature from overcrowding and the unhappiness of the simple 'rat'. That is the four legged critter under the old bins we used to have in the back lot.

When things were stressed for food and space, the rat simply took things too seriously and began eating the smaller rats (Darwinian theory prevails). The larger more aggressive and meaner rats won and thus with just a few left, the normal population returned.

Why do we like to think like this low life?

The news sends out a team the other day and they sat on the side of a snowy highway to watch a car being ripped apart to see if they could extract the body in one piece.

What the hell is this world coming to? To not give that person's remains and their family some kind of compassion and respect?

The audience and customer is supposed to be the spirit behind all this consummation of media. Why be like the unhappy rats gnawing at each other?

I don't need that cheap gossip, that cheap fact, that cheap attitude towards our life. Our collective lives. Cheap is from that low, 'less that me' thinking.

The rat mentality. We are above this and it is time to demonstrate we are above it. Remember this saying pertaining to our mind and all else we do. "If you feed crap into it, then you can't expect anything but crap out of it."

It's a simple truth. Carry this forward. Positive, not negative. Rats we are not. Mission accepted."

Name: Sarah Hongerloot
Title: Legal Administrative Assistant, Writer, Editor, Aviation Enthusiast and Volunteer
Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Mission Status: Accepted

Thank you, Miles, for the refreshing article, Mission: Possible (Once Upon A Lifetime)! It is a very sad fact the media thrives on bad news drama - it isn't worthy of reporting if it isn't some type of bad news.

If the media will be more conscientious about the material they broadcast or publish, the world, indeed, will become a much happier place. Everyone will feel better about themselves, that a positive contribution to society is ENCOURAGED!

It is also a sad fact that today's entertainment industry has an influx of pointless reality shows. For example, who cares about the "Housewives of Beverly Hills, Miami or New York"? These characters are not actors but spoiled brats.

All these shows do is severely minimize the credibility of programs that are real in meaning, that utilize genuinely talented people (actors/singers/performers), who care enough to perfect their craft in telling stories that bring real VALUE to the viewing public.

Name: Monnica D Nyamande
Title: 2010 JCI Zimbabwe PR Director
Location: Zimbabwe, Africa
Mission Status: Accepted

"What if we had positive news in place? Yes, It is possible, we are the generation, I believe it starts with us, be it through positive story telling, good conduct, helping the need abstaining from drugs, disposing litter properly, the list is endless. This will go a long way in impacting our families, workmates, friends and communities, this active participation by us all will eventually lead to creation of positive change."

Name: Naomi Kapal
Title: Accountant
Location: Lae, Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea
Mission Status: Accepted

"Media has a great influence on how people feel and what they do. If the people who own television, radio stations, newspaper companies, etc, can change what they publish or broadcast from negative issues/stories like murder, rape, suicide, drugs, etc, to positive stories, then I think people will start doing good to themselves, each other, the environment, etc.

I get emotionally upset when I read stories about murder, rape, child abuse, violence against women, etc, because most of the news that our local papers publish deals with issues like this. All the bad things that happen. Not the positive side of things and the fact that there are people out there doing good.

Celebrities can be bad examples. Young people copy what actors and singers do and they try to live like them. If an actor or singer is violent, kids can end up being violent as well. They become law breakers, drug addicts, etc, only because they think that it's okay for them to imitate what these celebrities are doing.

The onus is on all of us to help each other think positive and live a positive life. We each have the responsibility as citizens of this world to encourage each other in bad times to think positive and to lead positive lives for a better world."

Name: Claudia Pornaro
Title: Loving, Caring Person
Location: Montreal, Canada
Mission Status: Accepted

"I stopped watching television, listening to the radio or reading the newspaper about two years ago during an incredibly busy period. I then found that I felt differently, less nervous. I have since not been able to go back.

I know I live in a bubble but it works for now and I'd be willing to leave it if the news were positive.

The free time and available energy that I now have allow me to invest my time in finding out what I want vs. what the media and "pros" tell me I need, work on projects that will help others and to enjoy spending time with my family.

I am all for making our world a better place by recognizing the great things that happen in it every day. We are often told that we have to be grateful and I am but it becomes difficult to remain in a place of gratitude if all you hear all day is how we're living in doom and gloom. Thanks Miles! This is a great initiative and I will share this with everyone that I am in contact with!"

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Thank you,

Miles Patrick Yohnke

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