Reflections About Life

By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright 2011 - All Rights Reserved.
December 9, 2011

A Note from the Author:
"An inspirational quote to me is like a barrel of water that quenches my thirst."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
I hope you find these quotes thought-provoking, self-challenging and insightful. I would like to thank Marlene Blaszczyk, editor and publisher of, for this opportunity to again be able to reach out and inspire people.

Copyright 2011 Miles Patrick Yohnke
All Rights Reserved.
"Do you want your tombstone to read: 'here lies the problem' or 'here lies the solution'? Each of us can do great things. We get but one life. Let's make it one where we help others. We have to become more then we are."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"Instead of putting up fences, build bridges. Build bridges to each other. With no physical obstacles. One must build a human structure that will connect us with our fellow man. To span across all boundaries and help all mankind. This is what we must do."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"During the Christmas or Easter season it is always a time to reflect. To look at one's life. That you aren't just putting on your Jesus boots for the day. Are you being all you can be each and every day for mankind?"
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"We don't have another life hidden in a safety deposit box. This life is it. One has to develop and enrich their own soul and in return deposit that into the souls of others. This is the real treasure trove of life."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"I have spent a great deal of my adult life in the music industry. I have seen and heard numerous acts that I wished had entered into a witness protection program and to be never seen or heard from again."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"Recharge your mind, body or phone. This is our cultural choice of today."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"In our lives us men will face times where one's character will be tested. From this, one will find out who has the big brass balls and who wears the tampons. It will show who are the spineless cowards and who will 'push back' and show their courage."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"A boxing match within our own mind. We human beings all beat ourselves up. This is how it feels at times. From jabs of fear to uppercuts of doubt. It's all there. So are the crosses of joy and hope. God placed it all in your mind. One will go many rounds sparring with oneself. But it is a good fight. Internal ugliness will be knocked down and our beauty will prevail, if one chooses to fight the good fight."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"A bird on a wire is a symbol of freedom. A child's head buried in their cell phone is a symbol of wanting to belong."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"While peeling back the layers of our souls it can be a scary but good ride. The kind that should be found at the midway. Most of us need to get on that ride. Can you imagine a world where we said what we felt. Said when we hurt. That we are scared and that we also have joy and hope. If we were to peel back those layers and let our flesh and bone resonate"
. - Miles Patrick Yohnke
"Which one of them here is not like the others? Nelson Mandela; Mother Teresa; Adolf Hitler; Mahatma Gandhi. If you guessed Adolf Hitler is not like the others, then you're absolutely...right!"
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"Broken fragments of what we were. One climbs out from their bed of black, found in the city of death. An unknown nobody is how we feel. The burden of our own self can feel like a monster not just a monkey on our back. The madness numbs us in ways we can't imagine and yet yesterday one was loaded with care. Like the choice of choosing to walk on the sunny side or upon the side of shadows. This is the beauty of the mind. The blessings of the living."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"We are all just a stroke away from being in a nursing home. We all talk about what we are going to do with our lives currently. But our lives will be shortened, our quality of life reduced, and our accomplishments lessened if we do not maintain a proper diet with exercise."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"Houston, we don't have a problem. Earth, we have a problem. Anger. Hatred is all around us. But it doesn't have to be this way. A new self-healing spacecraft must be developed by us. One with precision pieces of engineering. Engineered with hope, joy, and kindness to our fellow man. One that makes all spirits fly."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke
"An automatic weapon is a firearm capable of firing multiple rounds with one pull of the trigger. A simple smile, hug, or 'I love you' can deliver such an amazing positive shift to one's life and circumstances that it can truly transform the spirit. Today, let's kill people with kindness. Today, let's show people our true colours. Let's imprint upon the heart of all others. Let us protect each other with our human arms not our firearms."
- Miles Patrick Yohnke

Copyright 2011 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

Miles Patrick Yohnke, Canadian writer.

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