One Day, But Not Today

When I wake up in the morning
With the sun upon my face
Five been given another day to live
Only by God's great and wonderful grace

Most take life for granted
Never stopping along the way
"Gotta do this Gotta do that"
Can't wait til the end of the day

Then something tragic happens
And our eyes are opened wide
We realize how short life is
How we wished we had enjoyed the ride

Fortunately for some
Who receive the message clear
Who open hearts and mind
So his voice they finally hear

I just needed your attention
Came the voice from up above somewhere
You life became so busy
You forgot that I was there

Slow down my child and listen
I will help you to survive
If only you will let me
I'll keep your voice alive

Give me your situation
As I am the way the truth and the life
And I will certainly deliver thee
From all your worldly strife

For you, darkness has not come
You have years and much to give
So go my child and share with all
The power that caused you to live

One day I'll send an Angel
To bring you home to stay
Until that time spread love, peace and hope
To the world along your way

Copyright 2005 Rick Flowers
I wrote the first poem in May of this year after a friend of mine was stricken with Cancer. But there's more...