Time Is Now

The greatest Curiosity is the unknown,
Sitting right in front of us to be shown,
Whispering, taunting, teasing, flirting,
For some, a useless case, me, the world.

We, us, them, together again?
Time is against us, but let us not worry,
Rather make the time now, to become one,
Stop telling stories about our loaded gun.

Peace is the ultimate goal in this life,
Yet we maintain our right hand by our knife,
The need of vengeance hinders the spirit,
Stepping behind, another cancerous pregnant.

Africa is in the twelfth century, maybe,
Yet you and I complain about our gravy,
Maybe you and I should trade thy shoes,
Or, trade eyes --- then we'd truly have a clue.

Copyright 2005 Robert Michael Pepper

Just a note:

After reading Robert's poem, I understand what he is asking. Don't wait to care about peace - the time is now. Don't wait to be less angry - the time is now. Don't decide to be positive later - the time is now.

What are we doing to advance peace, harmony and love? Why are we complaining when we have so much, right in the palms of our hands? When is the best time to change your life and be the person you want to be?

Today I ask that you consider being grateful and hopeful. Grateful for all that has come into your life - the good times and the not so good times and hopeful about today and tomorrow. Each experience we have teaches us something about ourselves and how we view the world. Be pro-active today! Pray for peace and harmony, love and understanding. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet - when will we realize this and act accordingly? Practice kindness and gratitude this week. Be an instrument of peace.
--- Marlene

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