God's Precious Gift

The day you were born, my world shattered
My heart ached as I saw you lie
Lifeless, still, no cry ……….
I could only ask "Is she going to die?"
There was no response from the doctors
I saw panic written on their faces
Oxygen cylinders, tubes, injections
What was going to be your fate?
I heard voices spoken in unison
This babe is in very bad shape
90% brain damage, convulsions
….. too weak, breathing complications….

You spent twenty days in the ICU
God, my darling child was with you
Compelled, mum and dad sometimes left your side
The pain was deep, we were hurting inside
In His arms, you, He did safely hide
We prayed for you day and night
We would never give up on our baby
The doctors marveled at your progress
You made a speedy recovery
We named you "Samara" meaning "Under God's care"
For with you, my dear one, He was always there.

Mrs. Sharon Pires --- India
I am a mother of three children, two girls and a boy. When my second daughter was born she was not breathing after birth for two hours, and was put on oxygen. The doctors had given up all hopes saying that she would be a mentally challenged child and even if she came through she would have to be kept alive on a respirator. My little girls was suffering from Mucenium Aspiration Syndrome and her lungs were clogged. Her body was ice cold and she lay lifeless attached to a machine.

The doctors advised my husband to sign some medical papers giving up the baby. I was away in the labor room and not aware of the happenings in the neonatal unit. My parents who were present were in great distress and tried to comfort my husband. My husband was in a turmoil and unsure what decision to take. At that very moment my little girl showed signs of movement and her body temperature shot up. Her pediatrician and my gynecologist were amazed and my husband elated. As he later described these events to me he concluded with these words "Luckily for us, Providence made the decision and our little girl has taken her first step towards recovery."

She had to be shifted to a sophisticated hospital and spent 20 days in the ICU before returning home to us. Her homecoming brought great happiness and her sister was thrilled. Just a month after returning home she was admitted again for 5 days as she was suffering from fever and on investigation was found to have malaria, both falcifurum and vivax. I was heart broken, but the doctor a kind and understanding man, reassured me "If she came through the first time, she is much stronger now and will come home to you, healthier and sooner. God is with your baby, don't lose hope now." She was home in five days and her health slowly improved.

At times I even doubted the presence of God in our lives, my husband too felt very depressed but we tried our best to reassure each other. Our parents were very supportive and my elder daughter Nichelle prayed everyday for her sister to get well. God must have surely heard our families united in prayer, for He saw our tiny helpless innocent babe safely through the tough times, and gave us the courage to face each day bravely, make the right decisions and support each other.

This incident will always remain with me, the memories as vivid as if it happened just yesterday and I have learnt to Trust God, no matter what. He knows what's best for us and when things turn out differently from what we expect, we have to surrender it to Him and let Him work in our lives. Through my daughter's illness our family grew closer and my husband and I learnt to make Jesus and Mary the center of our lives. "If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. Believe in His power."

Today Samara is 5 - a happy healthy school kid, and a joy to all. Thank you Lord for working this miracle in our lives.

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