A sister's made of things so nice
Of special things beyond all price
She's soft and lovely, kind and warm
An angel wrapped in human form

A sister's good for cheer-up talks
For sharing cares while taking walks
All secrets told are locked away
Some things a sister just won't say

When heartaches come and one's alone
A sister's love will still be shown
At times she speaks with just her eyes
No words are needed, no replies

Through joys and worries, peace and strife
A faithful sister's there for life
A trusted friend so full of grace
No one can take a sister's place

If God had said that I could chose a sister for myself,
I would have gone to heaven's store and looked on every shelf
There is no doubt that in my search I would have chosen you
Of all the sisters I could find, no other one would do
But even though I had no choice, I am so richly blessed

Our father in his wisdom knew which one would suit me best
For when he chose you as my own, he showed how much he cared
Yes heaven's filled with all good things but you are one he shared

I look at you before me and I see what you've become
And I see how much you've grown
From what I see your knowledge has truly shown!

I know at times we fight and it doesn't make it right
But I just want you to know
Anytime, day or night
I'll come running regardless of yesterday's fight

I love you Maggie with all my heart
And I hope you know that's true
I hope you understand that
I would give my life for you!
You are something special
An image created by God

When you were handed to me he knew
I'd need a hand someday to guide me along the way
A smile from you could change the world
Light up the sky on a cloudy day
I hope you know the power of a sister's love
And I hope you see it through

I wish to you the best of success
And I know it will come true!
Don't give up on your dreams
There is still so much to see and so much left to do

Yes you'll fall before you fly
But no one can say you never tried!
I know at times you tease me
And I know it's because you care

I know when I get mad
It can be a nightmare
But please put away all despair
I will always be there whether or not it may seem fair!

Please remember it's ok to cry and it's ok to sigh
All you have to do is spread your wings and fly
You don't have to be perfect and you don't have to die,
You just have to try!

And as you walk each step…
Seek education rather than grades
Seek your best rather than someone else's
Seek friendship rather than acceptance
Seek worth rather than rank
Seek to build rather than to tear down
Seek laughter and love
In spite of all the pain it may have caused…
You will have learned to live!

Cry or laugh loud, be humble stand proud,
Hold onto the faith of your heart
Be careful, be brave, be still
But don't stay at anyone's place for too long

Remember God's grace,
Give more than you take,
All of this, all that there is,
I wish for you

So please keep this in mind,
A sister like you isn't an easy find
Even though you're younger in each and every way
I guess I can say I look up to you
Each and everyday

With everything you stand for, I guess it's safe to say
It's nice to have a sister who can always make my day!

Copyright © 2004 Molly Mae Miller

I wanted to give my sister a really nice Christmas present this year and we didn't really have that much money. Since I love writing, I decided to write a poem, and it just came together so easily. Once I typed the poem up, I put it on poster board (with pictures of the two of us all around it) then put it in a frame. I think that was the best present I ever gave anyone. I was more excited to give my gifts to her, than to open my own on Christmas morning.

This year was the first year my grandma was in a nursing home for Christmas and it was really hard on all of us. In writing this poem, it showed me how important family is, and how important it is to value your time.

I couldn't have asked for a better Christmas. Christmas Eve, we brought my grandma home for the day and our whole family got together for dinner and presents. Then we went to midnight mass. It was all so beautiful, and it felt like everything was great. I had lost all hope of a white Christmas, and when I woke up Christmas morning, it happened to be snowing! I was so happy. Every thing just seemed so perfect.

I learned a lot this year. It doesn't matter how many gifts you get or how much they cost. It's the thought the give put into them. It's also so important to live for the moment and value your time with your family.