What The Game Means To Me

Every day my eyes open and my feet hit the floor; my heart beats, thankful for the game of football. This game God gave us is my life, and everything that I am, from my toes to my soul, I burn with a desire for this game. When I see it played passion and guts, whether it is in a Pee Wee game or the NFL, you may see me wince and hang my head to hide a tear of joy.

This game of football is of big heart and hard hits. Sometimes people go down; that's part of the war of football. This game can make you a hard man if you buy what it sells, if you commit to the pain it takes to play it. When you give your heart to this game, you separate yourself from the rest of life and become a football player. There are a lot of people that play football, but you will know and people can tell when you are a football player. If you were accused of being a football player, would there be enough evidence to convict you?

Coach Bill E. Williams has heart and dedication to growing men and football players.

Copyright 2005 Bill E. Williams

Side Note:
Last week, I had the honor and pleasure of talking with Coach Williams, a former Marine and High School Football Coach in Texas. He believes discipline, structure, love, and hard work will make productive, successful young people.

I asked Coach what helps make him so successful with kids? He replied, "I have been given a great gift of motivation and with my passion for and knowledge of the game and knowledge of the power of the human mind. I influence young people to realize that they are already great and only need the tools to bring it to the surface. I take young people to levels that they could not reach alone."

Be inspired and motivated this week in your life and relationships.