Life Is An Adventure, Experience It!

The definition of this adventure called life cannot be expressed with a few words alone since this encapsulates the most fortunate and privileged journey called life, that each one of us has been bestowed with. It would be important to note that having consistent access to all of the finest intellectual faculties readily available at our disposition / the consistent access to the splendidly amazing realms of perception, at every instance is wonderful and significant.

Each one of us has been bestowed with an accolade of bountiful treasures - with knowledge - with awareness to utilize our endeavors constructively and meaningfully by integrating and implementing visionary objectives towards conceptualization - that should be intended for the mutual benefit of all the inhabitants of this wonderful universe. To be imbued with a passion for excellence that holds in it's first and foremost perspective, mutual benefit for the inhabitants of this wonderful universe.

We come into this lifetime once. Let us do our best for all the people around us; to endeavor to work towards establishment of a better/greater understanding amongst people, to endeavor to build harmony, peace, love and respect for one another. Let us learn to appreciate the abundant treasures that we have been bestowed with and continually express thanks and learn to value each priceless moment.

Life is indeed an adventure; an adventure that requires many significant pre-requisites to be adhered to consciously with practicality, logic and *awareness, apart from a host of various other significant factors that have obviously not been outlined herewith. *awareness (the awareness - the understanding of each aspect of life is what makes a significant difference)

A few of these suggestive notions to traverse this adventure of life are:

  • Institute due diligence whilst attending to each endeavor irrespective of its magnitude or stature.

  • Deploy prudent acumen and handle each aspect of life / each venture with a creative and responsible approach.

  • Be practical - pursue each aspect of life / each venture with meaningful reason and analyze each detail ** ** detail (it is the detail / details that matter and apparently constitute many a time all the difference that matters)

  • Acknowledge and continually learn to *appreciate. (this is a continual process indeed since once we learn to appreciate what we have, this clarifies the very essence of life to a significant extent)

  • Appreciation - expressing appreciation towards life continually for all the wonderful treasures that each one of us has been bestowed with.
The above were a very brief prelude / very brief expressions** (each individual may/might have their own perspective that might differ from the above, hence this is not intended to influence the perspective or convey any kind of an endorsement or other such type of meaning that might be mis-interpreted or construed with ambivalence - since as indicated herein, that these are **very brief expressions and sharing of thoughts only)

Whilst practically analyzing and venturing ahead in life, it could be thought of the following time and again that:- each moment is priceless, each moment is beyond compare, each moment is a great gift (the greatest treasure indeed).

Life is an adventure, experience it!

Written in 2005 by Vashi Ramchand Chandiramani