Where Do You Find Infinity?

In Search Of Infinity

I loitered around
Just to learn whether it could be found.

I knocked on the door of an erudite saint
Listening to my questions he just went faint.

I went on to see an aristocrat
Just to understand that he doesn't know that.

I knocked on the door of a success story
He could not answer and said, "I'm Sorry".

Went on to talk to a few lovers
I concluded that infinity couldn't be founded under the covers.

I went on to meet a beautiful girl
I just found that infinity couldn't be found in a complex curl.

I went on to talk to my teachers
I understood that to find infinity I need multiple preachers.

I moved and traveled east to west
Somehow, even then, I knew I could settle this quest.

I asked a runner who came in last in a race
He said not everything is a wild goose chase.

I moved on and talked to a poor mother
For her infinity was to feed her son and his brother.

I moved on and played with a child
I came to know that infinity could be a thought running wild.

I went back home and asked my parents
Their answer was that it is like building a molehill by ants.

I moved on and sat with the elderly
I found that with experiences one must find infinity early

I traveled everywhere
Just to find that Infinity was so near.

In the end, I concluded -
Infinity is just another name for exploration
Whether knowledge, vision, thinking or temptation

To reach and find more is human nature
And that is the definition of Infinity I could capture.

Copyright 2009 Vibhore Jain
Enlightenment is another way for reaching infinity. Grow, explore, give this world a new vision. Reach to the Infinity and beyond the stars. Be enlightened.