Don't Spend Today Living In The Past

Today Is Something New

The height of your brilliance does not depend on the size of your head, rather it depends on the limits you're willing to break to achieve excellence. Creativity puts the world in your head and foolishness puts your head in the world.

Have you ever wondered why the world revolves and rotates while you don't even feel it moving? If you understood all the mysteries of life, you'd be a mystery yourself.

We came into this world with zilch, except the nakedness we wore. We are just a breath less to the other end of our hyphen. What have we done to make our hyphen thick? There's nothing you can't do; there's everything you should do so that when that time comes, our deeds will pave the way into the other life where it's an endless hyphen.

Every good deed you do on earth is like a brick you lay in heaven. Some of us have laid firm foundations, others have built their houses, others can't even afford straws and most don't even want a house in heaven.

I don't know how far I've built mine but I know this; I want to build a beautiful house. It is not the length of your prayer that determines its efficacy, it's the strength of your faith that does.

Befriend that shadow that is you. Be proud of who you are. Don't spend life trying to live in someone else's shadow. Like trees, we grow inwards. Having been born from our mother's womb, we then start learning how to give birth to ourselves.

Today is described as something new; don't spend it living an old life.

Copyright 2009 Stanley Anukege
I feel this will help people through their struggles in life.