Don't Be Afraid Of Making Mistakes

Problems? No Problem!

Life is so great, full of blessings and opportunities. Live in peace and be happy; regardless of whatever happens to you or around you, no problem!

As long as we live, everybody goes through circumstances; some of these circumstances are called problems by some people. If we think we have problems and that we will live in misery because of them, we are right. If we think the circumstances or challenges we have to face are the result of our erroneous choices and actions and they can be fixed, we also are correct. It is a choice and our attitude is what determines our results; it is entirely up to us. At the end, everything is and will be OK. Your attitude determines how you feel physically and mentally and how successful our lives become.

As long as we visualize life's challenges as bigger than us, we will not be able to overcome them, to grow nor improve. There is no problem in making mistakes, at all. All of us make mistakes, but the real problem is not being aware of them.

Awareness is the first step to solve problems and to progress. We don't have to feel useless, incapable, depressed, or failures when we make mistakes. As a matter of fact, all problems and mistakes are opportunities. We find balance by making mistakes, they give us experiences and the opportunity to improve our lives, they are part of our growth, and they are teaching us that next time we need to do it differently.

Making mistakes doesn't make us useless, incapable, worthless or failures unless we quit. When you have a problem or make a mistake, just get up and keep going; at the end of the tunnel there is always light. Don't be afraid of making mistakes. What really affects your performance are the fears and doubts, and wasting your time thinking about something that already happened.

We all are here to learn, nobody is perfect. Instead of focusing on the problems in the past, focus on the results you want. The more time you spend thinking and doing what you want, the better you feel and the closer you are to accomplishing it. Be confident! Never, never, never hesitate! Mistakes are opportunities in disguise. Making a mistake is only telling us that we need to learn something new, that it is time to change, and change is growth.

In order to grow and reach harmony, life will always put us in the place where we need to be, and as many times as we need, until we learn the lesson. If things are not going the way you want, life, through our problems, is telling us that we need to change our attitude, the way we are thinking, feeling and acting. As Albert Einstein said, "A problem can not be solved with the same mind that created it".

The only way to solve any problem is to be aware of it and understand it. So, if you want all aspects of your life to be in harmony, to change and improve, put yourself in a different environment, in a different mind frame. Educate yourself, learn as much as you can and dare to do new things. Say to yourself, "I am bigger than my problems, fear and doubts, and I have everything it takes to succeed".

Be responsible and become part of the solution. Give and don't depend on others but yourself. Face your life without fear, with confidence and don't run away from your problems, because as long as you don't solve them, they will always be there chasing you; it doesn't matter where you go. If you want to prevent, avoid and be able to solve all your problems, the confused, conflictive and poor person within you needs to die and you have to become a winner, a problems solver.

Love without thinking about it, give the best of you, appreciate what you have, live in peace, smile, and be happy regardless any circumstance.


Copyright 2009 Eduardo Dominguez