How To Regain Or Maintain Youthfulness

Everybody Wants To Be Young

Everybody wants to be YOUNG; youth has its own charm. Being youthful is important in almost any field of work. People do understand the importance of being youthful. The myriad of successful products in the cosmetic industry attest to this fact. The funnier side of this is that face creams and face washes promise success in love, marriage, career in just a few dollars - ha ha ha!!!

If we step into a high school and look, we would be able to find many bubbly guys and gals around. What is it that makes them so youthful?

It is their THOUGHTS. They just focus on the present fun and liveliness. Their thoughts are in line with the present moment and that is one of the important reasons they are able to be so happy and vibrant. They do not keep thinking about how they flunked their previous year's examinations or how they could have performed better in the yester year's sports.

Now, how to be youthful? Go and study the college students at a stadium or music concert and it will be uncommon to find someone morose and sad. What is the secret of their youthfulness?

It is their COMPANY. They associate with young minds and discuss things of action, vivacity, and youthfulness and not things that are discouraging and nullifying.

Imagine we have a quick peek at an alumni association's get-together party where old friends meet. You are sure to find people jumping, punching lovingly, guffawing and making practical jokes even though they might have been well past that age physically. What makes them able to be like that?

It is their ability to OVERLOOK DIFFERENCES. It is their ability to get their minds back into that attitude of FRIENDSHIP and YOUTHFULNESS, which needs no coaxing or stimulation to become vivacious, bright and breezy.

In order to find out how this youthful nature in us can be maintained, we just have to learn from these kinds of people.

Here are some observations of what they have in common:

  1. They are in the company of those who think, talk and are youthful.

  2. They invest their minds on lively, beautiful, creative, lovely things of this life.

  3. They don't look for differences in them but what complements each other.

  4. They do not have the 'Better than thou' attitude.

  5. They make their company/acquaintances comfortable.

  6. They stay clear of dull jaded thoughts and words.

  7. They have eyes that see romance in the commonplace.

Here are some questions for all of us to consider:

  1. How many of us start our day youthfully?

  2. How many among us prepare the morning bread with a smile jingling on our face?

  3. How many of us whistle as we walk towards our office from the driveway?

  4. How many of us can keep smiling for most of the time in a day?

Our answers can be predictable.

Even doctors say that people who often complain, whine, nag, mouth negative words, and discourage are easily prone to infections. Imagine!!! Mental thoughts and verbal words make it easier for germs to attack the physical body. It is true of aging as well. People get physically old sooner (as evidenced by premature wrinkles and hardness of skin) if they keep, allow, and dwell on negative thoughts and words.

Wouldn't it be prudent then, for us to make a change in our thought patterns concerning how we live our every day lives mentally?

We can live a livelier life by just altering the thoughts we entertain. We can make a beautiful evening out of a stormy, rainy day. It is up to us to make a great time out of lunch on a dusty, dry summer day. WE CAN ALL BE YOUTHFUL IF WE JUST TRY.

Let us choose to live our lives youthfully. Let us remind ourselves of what William James said, "The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes."

Copyright 2009 Sam Vijay Kumar