Keep Your Attitude Positive

The Weather Of Life

When the clouds fill your
Life with storms and coldness
Just let in the sunshine
And you'll be all right

When the ocean tides rise high
Grab hold of your ship and sail high
You're anchored down by so many problems
You can't figure out how to solve them
Stomp them out with the power of positivity
And your ocean will be fine

When raging winds blow
Violently against your tree
Stand firm and tall and don't back down
Don't let it bend nor break you

The seven seas of life can be beautiful indeed
It's their calmness that'll soothe its salvage beasts
It's their coolness that'll make you feel at peace

So whenever the storm comes
Take cover and stand fast
And take control of your ship

When the sea throws a raging fit
Just sit back and take it with ease
And sail smoothly through it
And you'll find yourself
In a world of solitude
A world of serenity
And a world filled with prosperity
And in it you will find peace

Copyright 2009 Angela Wilson