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MAY 2006

May 24, 2006
" Clearly, the best thing that can happen to a man is to love and to be loved; and to love in vain is the second best, as to feel love is the divine emersion itself."
--- Copyright © 2005 Goran Totovic

May 24, 2006
" The Truth is above all mankind. It is neither optional nor negotiable."
--- Luko Of Jesus --- Submitted by Miguel Rodriguez --- Puerto Rico

May 24, 2006
" The grass may look greener on the other side; go over and you will see the brown patches and yours will look even greener."
--- Written in 2005 by Mary Mahadeo --- Canada
As I was invited to visit the grass on the other side, this came to mind.

May 22, 2006
" I lament that life's challenges, bumps, bruises, and valleys rob us of the joy of living. We can become so encumbered in our daily affairs that we cease to see life as a gift, which is both rare and finite. Take a moment and contemplate what it is that weighs you down and then think... is it really worth it?"
--- Copyright © 2006 Jamie Ponder

May 22, 2006
" The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Retsat Maina --- Nigeria

May 22, 2006
" What do you want to look back on??"
--- Written in 2006 by Simon Heighwaya --- United Kingdom
Of all the deep, wise and life-changing words that I've ever heard or read, this simple little sentence - "What do you wanna look back on?" - has had the most profound affect on me. I think it's a question that we should all ask ourselves now, because now is the only time to do anything about it; tomorrow never comes and later may be tooo late!!

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross and Stephen Levine are two wonderful people who have done a lot of healing, inspiring and comforting work with people who are terminally ill and dying. They have also both helped to remove the 'taboo' of discussing death and helped us to better understand the dying process. In fact, more than that, they have continuously said that we can learn so so much about living from those who are dying!!! - for example, dying people tend never to regret things they did but only the things they didn't do...

It's said that the only real regrets we will ever have are for those situations, those moments, where we could have shown either more Courage or more Love. Now - this Moment - is the time to start living with more courage/love. Whatever it is you really want to do, do it. Life is an opportunity, an adventure. Don't die wondering "what if..." Start making wonderful memories now. Bob Dylan said, "If you want to keep your memories, you first have to live them". Live the life you're gonna wanna look back on!!!!

May 17, 2006
" Sometimes the answers to life's most complex situations are right in front of us but we rationalize them away."
--- Copyright © 2006 Christopher Ammirati

May 17, 2006
" Without motivation and discipline, success is out of the picture."
--- Written in 2006 by Colin D. --- Pennsylvania

May 17, 2006
" Apathy and ignorance of the past, prevents knowing the future."
--- Copyright © 2006 Jul Jones

May 15, 2006
" The best way to be accepted in this society is just to be yourself, and that is the best thing you can do, and you can offer."
--- Written in 2006 by psalms23 --- Philippines

May 15, 2006
" The lizard that falls from the tall iroko tree will praise itself, even if it finds no one else to praise it."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Francis Longdon --- Ghana

May 15, 2006
" No matter how thin or transparent it is, but if it is, then there are two sides to it."
--- Written in 2006 by Diwakar Vajpeyi --- India
Hope it helps you to have a different perspective before you decide.

May 10, 2006
" Cognition, the inner self of a person, knows her genuine beauty."
--- Written in 2006 by Ginalyn Solis --- Philippines

May 10, 2006
" Work gets completed by efforts, not by thinking only. Deer do not enter into the mouth of sleeping lion, he has to actively hunt them."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kiran Paranjape --- India

May 10, 2006
" The hardest part of getting to the top is getting through the people at the bottom."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Michael Mason --- Florida
I use this for my team everyday.

May 8, 2006
" Do not question the rising of the sun, be patient in awaiting its warmth."
--- Copyright © 2003 John Eaglespirit Campbell
For those without patience.

May 8, 2006
" He who plant 20 yams and deceives people to think there are 40, would, after eating 20 truths, begin to eat 20 lies."
--- Written in 2006 by Ogunyemi Sola --- Nigeria
He who deceives, deceives himself.

May 8, 2006
" The truth is that all of us attain the greatest success and happiness possible in this life whenever we use our native capacities to their greatest extent."
--- Dr. Smiley Blanton --- Submitted by Didi C. --- California

May 3, 2006
" A Life without ambition is, a journey without destination."
--- Written in 2006 by Veeramachaneni Lokesh --- India

May 3, 2006
" The guitar is not an instrument. It is a gateway to the soul."
--- Copyright © 2006 Michael Biase

May 3, 2006
" It does not matter that you went as fast as you could but couldn't complete the race. For who would remember the person who didn't finish the fastest? It is far better to take your time and accomplish your goal."
--- Copyright © 2006 Roseann Styczynski

May 1, 2006
" The ability to enjoy life is measured in the depths of one's imagination."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Damon R. --- Virginia

May 1, 2006
" One who hides a heart is one who deprives a soul."
--- Copyright © 2005 Marsha L. Petroff

May 1, 2006
" Everybody today seems to be in such a terrible rush; anxious for greater developments and greater wishes and so on; so that children have very little time for their parents; parents have very little time for each other; and the home begins the disruption of the peace of the world."
--- Mother Teresa --- Submitted by Ankur Bhardwaj --- India