January 31, 2003
" Urgent necessity prompts many to do things, at the very thoughts of which they perhaps would start at other times."
--- Miguel de Cervantes --- Submitted by Bandana Karki --- Kathmandu, Nepal
Isn't it true?
January 31, 2003
" If you fear from evil, terror and misery they will follow you. Face them; they will flee."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lakkoju Goutam --- AP, India
January 29, 2003
" These two words never co-exist: "Free", "Lunch" also "Instant", "Success" ."
--- Copyright © 2003 Mahesh Bangadkar
January 29, 2003
" First, after moving to a summer house, one will realize that he has more relatives than his twin."
--- Copyright © 2002 Celal Kucuk
January 27, 2003
" Life is beautiful when you realize that...it is!"
--- Copyright © 2002 Nugroho Budianggoro
January 27, 2003
" Good enough.... isn't."
--- Neil - Leeds, United Kingdom
January 24, 2003
" Life is nothing more than crossroad after crossroad and soon you realize that a wrong turn on one road can be corrected if you ask for help to make the right turn on another."
--- Copyright © 2003 Joshua Gaerte
January 24, 2003
" Each day of a year is a New Year Day. It is not too late to make a New Year Resolution or Wish. Do it today."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by P. Senthil Kumar --- Tamil Nadu, India
January 22, 2003
" I will not lie down and be someone's concubine, when God has intended me to be someone's queen."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sharon Green --- New York
January 22, 2003
" Share your feelings thoughts, dreams, and hopes for the future and problems unseen because this is what makes you, you."
--- Written in 2003 by Jessie M., Age 12 --- Ohio
Don't keep your emotions locked inside.

January 20, 2003
" Give me a hero and I will give you a tragedy."
--- F. Scott Fitzgerald --- Submitted by Angela M., Age 15 --- Oklahoma
January 20, 2003
" It is better to not have something and deserve it, rather than have something and not deserve it!"
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by C. Winfield --- United Kingdom
January 17, 2003
" Change happens when the pain of holding on becomes greater than the fear of letting go."
--- From the book 'Who Moved My Cheese' --- Submitted by Judy Serra --- Michigan
January 17, 2003
" The responsibility for an avalanche never rests on one snowflake."
--- Copyright © 2003 Mike Corthell
January 15, 2003
" It is not only something that is said, that can perceived differently, but sometimes things that are not said are also perceived in a different way."
--- Copyright © 2002 Geetanjali Handu
January 15, 2003
" Some people spend so much time looking for the meaning of life they forget to live."
--- Copyright © 2000 Samuel Hanneman
January 13, 2003
" For a miracle to happen overnight, one has to go through many sleepless nights."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Saroop Dey --- Maharashtra, India
January 13, 2003
" If you're sitting in a barbershop long enough, you're bound to get your hair cut."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bob Simon --- Ontario, Canada
For the recovering alcoholics, if you go to the bars a lot and not drinking alcohol or anything, you're bound to start drinking again. So ease up on the clubbing if you're one of them. This would include recovering drug addicts/smokers, etc.
January 10, 2003
Many days go by, in which you seem so far away
Why is it hurting so bad? I can't see you every day
Every day I miss you, more as the long days go
For what seems like forever, the days they go so slow
I miss the times we had, sharing stories and a smile
For if the time will go so slow, I'll see you in a while
In everything I seem to do, we somehow did it together
Now as the days go on, we're in for nasty weather
For everyday gone by, is another in which to come
For which that day goes by, I feel only lonesome
Trying to continue, in some way without my mind
We see the things you do, we thank you for being kind

The memories we created, the great times that we had
Will forever be in my heart, keeping me happy, never sad
Always dreamed of happiness, now my dream came true
For now I see an angel, now my dream is you
But as the days move on, and we will never admit defeat
Till the day I marry you, will my life ever be complete
--- Copyright © 2002 Sean Hayes
I wrote this for my girlfriend, because we are in a long distance relationship. Writing this helped me get through the bad times without her. When I was not near her, it was like I was missing half of my body. For all you guys out there, I'm sure you feel the same. But hang in there, because good things come to those who wait!
January 10, 2003
" If you love someone, then you must have the power to sacrifice everything on that one. Then, only, you can expect for a holy love."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Manoj Bhokardole --- Indore (M.P), India
This is for all those who always fall in love but never know the meaning of it.
January 8, 2003
" The only power someone has over you is the amount you give them."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Franco Ciccone --- Quebec, Canada
January 8, 2003
" Is reaching your goal just a Death to yourself? It is, if the will to go beyond your success is given up. I tell myself everyday that "Real Death" is when I think yesterday was good enough. My thinking is that tomorrow will be given to me, to experience and absorb everyday opportunities.....To LIVE."
--- Copyright © 2002 Jason Gonzales
January 6, 2003
" You are the bravest person I know and although you don't see it, others around you and I see it. Your family sees it. You are the only one who can't see it and you know why you can't see it? Because you have your eyes closed. Open your eyes; look deep within yourself and it is here that you will find the strength and courage to slay your demons."
--- Copyright © 2002 Matthew Cummings
This came from my mind when I was writing an email to a friend in need, don't know if it's any good to anyone, if it helps just one person then I'll have won. Fantastic site by the way, some really wise people out there.
January 6, 2003
" Happiness and sadness are the result of choices made in life."
--- Written in 2002 by VKK --- Mahrastra, India

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