How Healthy Are You?

The Legacy Of Health

Most of the time, in the pursuit to do what is best, we forget to fulfill the mandatory needs of our children. All they need is our unconditional love and support at every step in their lives, but, we spend the time by accumulating as much wealth as we can, at the cost of our own health.

All of our problems erupt from a bad life style, long working hours, unhealthy food habits and bottling up of unwanted stress. Surprisingly we are all well aware of these facts, but keep on ignoring them, till things go out of hand and make us just too weak to work. That's the time when we rush to doctors. Doctors cannot cure completely; they can only treat the problem.

Health is wealth, it needs all the attention all the time; it must be our topmost priority. The worst part is that wealth may or may not be hereditary, but health is. So, if we are not healthy, how do we pass on the wealth of our health to our children for them to enjoy? Yesterday life was difficult and living was easy but today life is easy and living is difficult.

We, as Indians, have a rich cultural lineage that enables us to lead a healthy and subsequently a wealthy life under all conditions, lest we believe in exporting our culture to western countries, to be approved by them, and only then we put it into use.

Let's preserve it for our future generations or else it will be destroyed. This can be only done if we inculcate them, in our own daily lives, and pass them on to our children by leading a self disciplined routine life, with a positive outlook, strong moral ethics and values.

Controlling and channeling the negative into positive, works wonders for our mind, body and soul. Like food, exercise of any kind, be it yoga aerobics or even simple walking is compulsory.

Taking care of one's own self is not being selfish or self-centered. Pamper yourself by taking good care of your body. It's said a healthy body inhabits a healthy mind.

When one is in good health, only then can one take care of his loved ones and enjoy the pleasures of life in all ways possible. The legacy of health has no substitute for our future generations to come.

Written in 2007 by Vikki Kumar --- India