Love While You Can

In Another Lifetime

As we walk in this journey of our completeness,
Two empty hearts and souls agreed to embrace.
I can barely feel you in every inch of my existence,
But still, this lonely and bitter truth we have to face.

We know from the start, that we can never be with each other.
Thinking of that reality makes me cry a thousand rivers.
That's why we have to love now, why need to suffer?
So that we'll not regret, that it's only love we will remember.

You know that forever, is what I want with you,
But this complicated world just won't let us be.
Hush my beloved; forget about tomorrow,
Just let me love you like this, 'coz this is me.

Bathe me in the warmth of your love everyday,
'Coz we only have now, but soon may part our way.
If there will come a time, that we can no longer say, "be mine",
Let's just meet and love each other…

In another lifetime…

Copyright © 2007 Chinny Rosales --- Hong Kong

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