Sometimes You Just Need To Apologize

But I Didn't Mean It!

This morning I accidentally hit my 3 year old with my handbag as I was coming through the door.

She said "Oh Mum you hit me!"

I responded with, "But darling I didn't mean it, so why are you cracking up at me?"

"But you did hit me Mum. You hit me and it hurts."

"But I didn't mean it sweetie - ok?"

Then I realised that actually - No it's not ok. Whether it is intentional or not it needs to be recognised as pain that you have caused another. It really does. She had a little red mark on her forehead and it was in fact my doing.

Whether I meant to do it or not.

So I put the groceries down, leaned forward and asked her to show me the mark. I then gave her a Magic Kiss. I said I was really sorry then gave her a cuddle. No more was spoken about it.

It was a really easy thing to do. Much easier than arguing and saying -"It's not my fault because I didn't mean it!" Yes - a lot of things are not intentional but they still need to be recognised as pain.

How hard is it to just face someone, kiss them and apologise?

Copyright 2007 Vicki Muller