Helping Someone Believe

To my precious, talented, almost overpowered nephew, Bill:

First of all, if you don't feel like reading this now, please put it aside and wait until someone higher gives you the curiosity and desire.

The Someone I mentioned put these words in my mind and heart and suggested that I share them with you. It is not meant to be a psychological lecture, just a love message from someone who has been there.

When you were a youngster in school, did you ever participate in the sport of pole vaulting? If you didn't, you missed a glorious experience. I will never forget the time, after countless attempts, I cleared the bar! What an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind thrill.

Now, I would like for you to sit back and relax and let your mind follow this exercise.

The purpose of the game, as you know, is to run as hard as you can with the long, flexible pole clutched in your hands and as you run, concentrate on hitting the hole below the bar and allowing your momentum to carry you skyward on the end of the pole. As you near the apogee of your climb, you will see that you probably won't make it over, but if you ran hard enough and hit the hole just right, the flexible pole will bend, then straighten out and actually sling you over.

As I said, it probably will take several tries before you succeed, but just continue to trust in the pole and the One who is guiding it and you will eventually succeed.

Now, just imagine that the elevated bar is the difficulty that you are trying to overcome.

Think of all your loved ones on the other side rooting for you and praying that you succeed. Then, say a short prayer to your Father who loves you also, and run like the enemy in behind you.

Aim at the target hole, which represents the successful goal you are striving for, and launch yourself up and let the magic pole vault you over the dreadful wall that separates you from your loved ones and your God-given stay here on His wonderful creation.

Oh! What a wonderful world of love is waiting for you and as you soar over the bar, look up at a smiling face in the clouds cheering you on. As you land on the cushioned mat, you will be surrounded by all the love you can imagine.

After this first successful step, it will be a cake-walk back to your healthy mind and body given to you by the Almighty God.


With love in Christ and for Christ,
Uncle Jimmy

Copyright 2006 Jim Johnston