When I was 21, I was going through a rough time in my life. I had lost all interest in my work because I was downsized in my job, or a nice way of saying "you're fired". I had a relationship that was now over, even though I worked hard at it and I had started to feel panic. But then I started to talk to my friend Bill.

He was a good guy that I met in high school, and he introduced me to a great opportunity with a sales/and marketing company in Ohio. I didn't think I was cut out for it but I started to change, not just me but my lifestyle. I was more positive, motivated, enthusiastic and happier than I ever was before.

Then the work started to get too hard and I wanted to quit but my friend Bill said this:

"Brian do this not for me, your friends, or your family. Do this opportunity because you want to and you have to take the right path or the wrong path.

The wrong path is a sunny day kind of person, one who is euphoric at the moment; one who doesn't mind taking a walk down that road if the weather is sunny or fine. But when the weather starts to get bad, they go inside and don't want to deal with the bad weather because there scared of it, and they won't stay on the right path even when the bad weather will get better.

So make sure to stick with your decision, even if the path your walking on is bad weather at the moment, because if you persist through the bad weather, the good weather won't be far behind".

That meant a lot to me and after he said that I changed my attitude for life. Now I am on the right path no matter what. Thanks Bill:)

Biagio N. Oriti --- Submitted by Brian Budd --- Ohio