Life is composed of endless traits and obstacles: The Good yet The Bad, The Happy and Sad, along with the Love and the Hate; Our friends, families, enemies, and acquaintances; The births, the deaths, and countless events.

Life is said to already be planned out then why must we encounter times of confusion and hesitation in taking the next step? It is because we have not seen that plan we are to live each day with the frame of mind in which to continue moving on , however, cautiously observing our surroundings. You see, we have the choice of which way to steer our lives. Even though there are times of falling off track, we are the main leaders of our lives, the decision makers.

Some people choose the strangest, most difficult, and dangerous roads filled with guns, knives, gangs, and drugs just to name a few. And this sets a barrier for those who chose to go the opposite way. How can one, trying to succeed, achieve their goals when faced with these things day in and day out?

Yes, it is possible but yet another obstacle to overcome. However, we cannot judge each other by simple actions. It doesn't mean that the gang bangers and drug dealers are the bad in this world because this is not true. You see, they are "succeeding" in the road of life they chose.

This also doesn't mean that the doctors and lawyers are the good because this also is not true, they also have faults. They are succeeding but that's only because of the road they chose to take.

Either you want to steer yourself into trouble such as jail or even your own death or you want to take the step and steer yourself in the direction of your education and occupation In order to succeed and acknowledge how our life is meant to be you take on a major role in this show called life.

Nobody in this world is perfect. However, you choose your direction in life. Once you've chosen one road, it's very hard to turn back. However, its not difficult to rise up and above to continue moving on to a new track. We are not to live in the past yet don't rush for the future. We are to live in the present and for the present, simple yet so complex, Life.

Life, such a small word but yet with so much meaning.

Copyright © 2000 Estrella Soto

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