Who are these people whom we call strangers?

Are they people whom we do not know, or are they people whom we have yet to know, or are they people who just fill in the voids of our daily life like extras in a movie show?

I believe there are no strangers in this world.. just friends whom you have yet to meet... the vast number of people to whom we have yet to reach out to.

Well to think about it.. none of the friends we have are friends by default. All the friends we have were strangers once.

This reminds me of an incident that took place a long time back when I was repeating my A-levels. I was doing my Art paper then. Well being a first timer in taking Art at A-levels without any formal training, I overlooked the fact that I had to bring in my own watercolor paper. Well... I had to settle for a low-quality paper that was being provided. I was extremely demoralized.

Out of the blue, a guy slid a sheet of hi-quality watercolor paper on my desk and said, "I have an extra one, I believe you could use it". I did not expect that from a stranger and I did not ask him for help... and that paper doesn't come cheap!

Before I could even thank him, he rushed back to his seat. I wanted so much to express my gratitude, but he was long gone before I could finish my paper. I did not know him.. and he did not know me, but what he did then secured me the grade to enter U. It isn't just a piece of paper.... it isn't!

It has been almost 10 years now and that incident is safely archived in a corner of my mind. Was he a stranger? I don't think so.... He was just another wonderful soul I never got to know.

Copyright © 2000 H. Senthil K
I wrote this to express appreciation to an individual who gave me a helping hand when I most needed it. It only goes to show the wonderful human touch we still possess deep within us.

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