I, Geri Lynn, am hereby resigning YOUR title as "my friend". I will however remain your friend for a lifetime, if needed, because I am a true friend. I have learned a lot in our relationships and yet I am seeking mutual relationships.

I appreciate all of the "I miss you's", "I love ya's", "Let's go to lunch sometime", and my personal favorite, "I'll call you", that I have encountered during our friendship. Even in the silence of our friendship (those times in which I don't hear from you) I still care about you and sometimes I even need a friend to reach out to me.

I realize that I am not a perfect friend, but still a friend who contacts you and who is always there for you. I have made my mistakes here and have learned from them. Still, I thank you for the years of friendship and want you to know that you can always count on me, even though I have terminated your title as "my friend". My new title will now be "my own best friend". I am leaving your new title up to you.

Copyright © 2001 Geri L. Phillips