October 30, 2000
    "Teamwork means that we share a common ideal,
    Embrace a common goal.
    Regardless of our differences, we strive shoulder to shoulder,
    Confident in one another's faith, trust, and commitment.
    In the end, teamwork can be summed up in five short words....
    We believe in each other."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kara D., Age 15 --- Massachusetts
    October 30, 2000
    "No guts, no glory, end of story!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jen Y., Age 16 --- California
    October 30, 2000
    "Hey --critic!
    Remember the human condition.
    We're all entitled to bad days, bad times, and poor outings.
    I've had my share.
    It makes us appreciate the good ones."
    Dr. Wilshire --- Submitted by Jen M., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    --- We Love you Doc Wilshire! Your Senior Academy!!

    October 30, 2000
    "I never know what is success until I achieve it."
    Copyright © 2000 Rowel Nuestro
    October 30, 2000
    "If your mind is clouded with dark thoughts,
    How can you see the light?"
    Chad T., Age 17 --- Oregon
    October 30, 2000
    "Anyone can be good at something.
    Don't be afraid to be great!"
    A great coach --- Submitted by Heather K., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
    October 30, 2000
    "I visualized where I wanted to be,
    What kind of player I wanted to become.
    I knew exactly where I wanted to go,
    And I focused on getting there."
    Michael Jordan --- Submitted by J.G., Age 15 --- Alabama
    October 30, 2000
    "Follow your heart enough that you don't have regrets,
    Use your head enough that you don't get hurt."
    Copyright © 2000 Shawn Gaffney
    October 30, 2000
    "Let your smile be someone else's rainbow;
    A reassuring curve to brighten the world after a storm."
    Christine K., Age 17 --- New York
    October 27, 2000
    "You spend twelve years of your life trying to learn how to live, but every time you try to live in those twelve years you're told you're wrong. Then everyone you've grown to love is taken away, and scattered. That's what they should teach you. How to say good-bye and let go."
    Hannah A., Age 14 --- Georgia
    October 27, 2000
    "Be proud to be a winner!
    But never forget to be proud of all the winners around you!"
    Janelle B., Age 13 --- Alberta, Canada
    October 27, 2000
    "It all starts with YOU and YOUR heart!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Samantha S., Age 15 --- Ohio
    October 27, 2000
    "We love because it is the only true adventure in life."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ashley R., Age 15 --- California
    October 27, 2000
    "Do something because you want to,
    Not because you can!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by M.S., Age 15 --- Alberta, Canada
    October 27, 2000
    "If you make a reasonable goal,
    Then inch by inch, and day by day,
    If you work hard enough
    You can achieve anything."
    Meredith M., Age 13 --- Alabama
    October 27, 2000
    "I've learned that no matter how many cloudy days there are in your life, the sun will eventually shine, a smile will form on your face and love will enter your heart. Hurt is a lesson that maybe we all should be taught. It only makes us stronger for the next cloudy day in our life, and it helps us appreciate the sunny days as they come and go."
    Copyright © 2000 Shawna Pickle
    October 27, 2000
    "There are only two things in this world that can get you to the top,
    And that is money and sheer determination.
    But I can guarantee you that only one will keep you there."
    Copyright © 2000 Amanda Dungan
    October 27, 2000
    "I've made my share of mistakes and bad decisions.
    But when it comes down to it, at the end of the day,
    I'm all I've got; so I don't beat myself up about it."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Valerie L., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania
    October 25, 2000
    "I can and I will."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mat D., Age 18 --- Wales, United Kingdom
    October 25, 2000
    "You cannot love someone until you learn to love yourself."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Yaimi J., Age 15 --- Texas
    October 25, 2000
    "You'll never know the answer
    If you never ask the question!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shari H., Age 14 --- New York
    October 25, 2000
    "Take care of your parents' treasure;
    Tristan D., Age 17 --- Florida
    October 25, 2000
    "If you don't know where you're going
    You'll probably end up somewhere else."
    Author Unknown
    --- Submitted by Eduardo E., Age 12 --- San Salvador, El Salvador

    October 25, 2000
    "If I can, I will.
    If I cannot, I will try."
    Copyright © 2000 Toby R. Gibson
    October 25, 2000
    "You can't chase down a dream while looking back."
    Copyright © 2000 Allison Brabec
    October 25, 2000
    "If you're afraid to fail,
    You're never going to achieve."
    Kobe Bryant --- Submitted by Samantha N., Age 14 --- California
    October 25, 2000
    "Speak when your angry
    And you'll make the best speech you'll ever regret."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sue T., Age 15 --- Ohio
    October 25, 2000
    "No matter how bad it is or it seems,
    Life always goes on.
    Things get better.
    Keep your head up, and smile."
    Copyright © 2000 Jamie Lynn Ault
    October 23, 2000
    "Genius is the capacity to see ten things
    When the average man only sees one."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Cait R., Age 14 --- Massachusetts
    October 23, 2000
    "Success is not an accident, but a choice."
    Copyright © 2000 Josh Kuenzel
    October 23, 2000

    " Too often we are defined by our possessions and we flaunt them drawing the false interest of others who are not genuinely interested in us. In this we are hiding our real selves, our motives, our ambitions. Only a brave person will present their true nature first and be judged by that."
    Jonny K --- Saskatchewan, Canada
    October 23, 2000
    "Promise only what you can deliver
    Then deliver more than you promised."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Andrew C., Age 15 --- Georgia
    October 23, 2000
    "When things get rough, the quitters quit and the winners forge ahead."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ian K., Age 17 --- Michigan
    October 23, 2000
    "Bend is better than break."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Maunil D., Age 18 --- Gu, India
    October 23, 2000
    "You're not alone, because everybody's out there on their own."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Isabel C., Age 14 --- United Kingdom
    October 23, 2000
    "Life is like a bowl of cheerios;
    You may get pushed down
    But you will always pop back up!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.N., Age 17 --- Virginia
    October 23, 2000
    "Today is the greatest day of your life
    Because yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is not here yet."
    Author Unknown but said by my coach
    --- Submitted by Heather D., Age 17 --- Alaska

    October 20, 2000
    "Best friends shouldn't be called your best friends,
    They should be called brothers and sisters."
    Copyright © 2000 Sylvester Du
    October 20, 2000
    "Writing opens the soul to boundaries untold."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sonja T., Age 17 --- Massachusetts
    October 20, 2000
    "You cannot spend your life walking through a dream,
    Eventually you have to step into reality."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Crystal G., Age 17 --- Kentucky
    October 20, 2000
    "How do you know you've really ever lived
    If you have never taken a chance?
    I will not die without the scars to prove that I once lived."
    Copyright © 2000 Cameron Duggan
    October 20, 2000
    "Build a bridge and get over it!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by N.H., Age 18 --- Georgia
    October 20, 2000
    "Maturity eventually grows into every person's life, though, each person at a different time. That person may not realize they have matured until they look back at their pointless lies, deceits, & the childish way they've talked behind people's backs every moment they had a chance. When maturity has hit you hard, you'll realize what friends are, what families are, what life is."
    Copyright © 2000 Michelle Thompson
    October 20, 2000
    "What makes a winner is a person who tries, what makes a loser is a person who does not try. You are always a winner if you try, you become a loser if you give up. Give it your all and you will succeed."
    Copyright © 2000 Maria Perez
    October 20, 2000
    "You should always have dreams to fall back on
    When reality becomes too harsh."
    Kelly S., Age 18 --- Nova Scotia, Canada
    October 20, 2000
    "The race is not always for the swiftest
    But for those that keep on running."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Michael W., Age 15 --- Connecticut
    October 20, 2000
    "All stars know they shine.
    The brightest, however, worked to glow."
    Copyright © 2000 Lisa Hazen
    October 18, 2000
    "Nothing short of everything is ever really enough."
    Aldous Huxley --- Submitted by Rachael M., Age 14 --- Indiana
    October 18, 2000
    "When I'm down, I look up and think
    There's no star I can't pursue.
    When I'm up, I look down and think
    There's no ground I can't step on."
    Copyright © 2000 Nurvitria Mumpuni Arti
    October 18, 2000
    "Winners make things happen.
    Losers let things happen."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Erica S., Age 16 --- A.C.T, Australia
    October 18, 2000
    "Work harder than the rest,
    Always try to do your best,
    Because HARD WORK is the KEY to SUCCESS."
    Copyright © 2000 Jyotsna Gautama
    October 18, 2000
    "Do you love? Do you hate? Do you feel pain?
    Close your eyes, so I may see you.
    Open your heart so that I may love you.
    Feel my pain as I feel yours.
    For after all, are not all swimming in the same direction?
    It is only that some of us have forgotten how to fly."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ash B., Age 16 --- Dublin, Ireland
    October 18, 2000
    "The secret to life is to start from scratch and keep on scratching."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Leanne P., Age 17 --- California
    October 18, 2000
    "Even the lowly woodpecker owes his success
    To the fact that he uses his head."
    Joe Marcucci --- Submitted by Rachel L., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    October 18, 2000
    "Those who dance are considered crazy by the ones who can't hear it."
    George Carlin --- Submitted by Chris J., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
    October 18, 2000
    "In a world where you can be anything,
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Liz W., Age 16 --- Rhode Island
    October 16, 2000
    "When you feel like there's no hope
    Or you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel,
    Just hold on for a second longer.
    Because it's in that second, that miraculous things can happen."
    Jessica N., Age 14 --- Pennsylvania
    October 16, 2000
    "Everyone thinks about the future when yet,
    We haven't even figured out the present."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bridget D., Age 14 --- Kentucky
    October 16, 2000
    "To be a good runner you have to be two things:
    Your toughest critic and your biggest fan."
    Coach L. --- Submitted by J. N., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
    October 16, 2000
    "Many people look up at the stars wishing they could own one.
    A champion looks up, wishes, then climbs a mountain and grabs one."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Claire Q., Age 15 --- Victoria, Australia
    October 16, 2000
    "Don't ever call yourself weak.
    For when you think you are the weakest,
    Your true strength helps you through it all."
    Copyright © 2000 Sohini Chaudhuri
    October 16, 2000
    "Know the value of time.
    Snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.R., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania
    October 16, 2000
    "Stay awake, but don't ever stop dreaming!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Carrie D., Age 14 --- Kent, United Kingdom
    October 16, 2000
    "The key to taking a stand is having a made up mind."
    Copyright © 2000 Terry Jones
    October 16, 2000
    "When you reach for the stars, you may not get one,
    But you won't come up with a handful of mud either."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Di S., Age 18 --- Colorado
    October 16, 2000
    "The impossible dream isn't. It's when you give up the possible it becomes impossible and it's you own creation. You don't make things possible, God does. It takes human error to make them SEEM impossible like mountains that no one has ever over come. But be the one willing to bet that it's because no one has ever tried. Be the one to start something for a change, and not just the one to follow."
    Copyright © 2000 Jessica Miller
    October 16, 2000
    "The question to why, is why not?"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by David C., Age 14 --- West Virginia
    October 16, 2000
    "Time passes in moments. Moments which, rushing past, define the path of a life just as surely as they lead towards it's end. How rarely do we stop to examine that path, to see the reasons why all things happen, to consider whether the path we take in life is our own making or simply one into which we drift with eyes closed? But what if we could stop, pause to take stock of each precious moment before it passes? Might we then see the endless forks in the road that have shaped a life? And seeing those choices, choose another path?"
    Scully from X-files --- Submitted by Rachael M., Age 14 --- Indiana
    October 13, 2000
    "If you keep looking back at the past,
    You might trip over the present and fall on the future."
    Copyright © 2000 Josh Roth
    October 13, 2000
    "Retreat does not mean defeat,
    It's the preparation for the next battle."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.B., Age 16 --- Albay, Philippines
    October 13, 2000
    "Live once,
    Die once,
    Make this a good one.
    Don't take drugs!"
    Shyamendren, Age 18 --- Selangor, Malaysia
    October 13, 2000
    "Everyone has talents, you just have to find them inside.
    And when you do, you will soar!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by C. A., Age 13 --- Utah
    October 13, 2000
    "Love is two people smiling with their eyes closed and their hearts open."
    Copyright © 2000 Jamy Anderson
    October 13, 2000
    "If the littlest things make people's days,
    Then why is it that the world is so angry?
    All it would take is one hello or one smile a day
    And the world might not change,
    But it would sure turn more peacefully."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Karissa T., Age 16 --- California
    October 13, 2000
    "For all young people in love:
    It may be called puppy love...but it's real to the puppy."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Michael A., Age 16 --- California
    October 13, 2000
    "Living your life without focus is only existing."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by E.W., Age 14 --- Iowa
    October 13, 2000
    "Never underestimate the future."
    Sheena Joseph --- Submitted by Sarah B., Age 15 --- Iowa
    October 13, 2000
    "Your life is like a bucket in a pool
    To fill up your bucket
    Is to meet all the requirements of your education
    To over flood the bucket is to expand your knowledge
    Fill it up til there is a pool
    So everyone can jump into what you have learned."
    Copyright © 2000 Tommy Tam
    October 13, 2000
    "Remember this:
    Every decision you make stems from what you think you are,
    And represents the you put upon yourself."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tammy-Jade V., Age 14 --- Trinidad and Tobago
    October 11, 2000
    "Leave no question in anyone's mind as to where you stand."
    L. Aldin Porter --- Submitted by Diana B., Age 18 --- Massachusetts
    October 11, 2000
    "People aren't perfect. Never were, never will be. Therefore, everyone has faults. Sometimes you have to look past the imperfections to find the heart of a person. It isn't always easy, but everyone has a little perfection growing inside. You just have to dig a little deeper."
    Anne Marie J., Age 14 --- New York
    October 11, 2000
    "Be your own person because after all,
    It's not everyone else, but yourself that you have to live with."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Megan S., Age 15 --- Maryland
    October 11, 2000
    "If enough people bang their heads against a brick wall,
    The brick wall will fall down."
    Ashleigh Brilliant --- Submitted by Nell M., Age 14 --- NT, Australia
    October 11, 2000
    "A swing is only freedom on a leash."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rachel P., Age 15 --- Nova Scotia, Canada
    October 11, 2000
    "Failure is a part of life. What you have to realize is that if you learn from your failures, then you can go anywhere you want to go and be whoever you want to be."
    Copyright © 2000 Brent McCracken
    October 11, 2000
    "Action without thought is fatal, and thought without action is futile."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Paul C., Age 16 --- Victoria, Australia
    October 11, 2000
    I was once asked why I wanted my dreams so badly.
    I simply replied, "Because I was told I couldn't have them."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.L., Age 16 --- Indiana
    October 11, 2000
    "Hope is what you live on while you wait for your dreams to come true."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Caroline Q., Age 16 --- New York
    October 11, 2000
    "Expect nothing, and you will see everything."
    Copyright © 1999 T. Travers
    October 11, 2000
    "May there always be work for you hands to do;
    May your purse always hold a coin or two;
    May the sun always shine on your window pane;
    May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain;
    May the hand of a friend always be near you;
    And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you."
    An Irish Blessing --- Submitted by Stephanie P., Age 16 --- Virginia
    October 11, 2000
    "Life is not worth living if you never use your heart to guide you.
    Without it, you are going on a journey without a map."
    Copyright © 2000 Holly Gray
    October 9, 2000
    "I've learned that life isn't always a bowl of cherries. It's not even half. Sometimes life just hands you a bowl, and it's up to you to fill it up how you want, and with what you want. It's up to you. It always will be."
    Kimberly S., Age 13 --- Florida
    October 9, 2000
    "Try and use your imagination everyday.
    It's the only way to get out of the harsh reality that faces us everyday."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.C., Age 16 --- Ontario, Canada
    October 9, 2000
    "Being a leader is like being a lady.
    If you have to tell everyone you are, you probably are not!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Abbie W., Age 16 --- Missouri
    October 9, 2000
    "Friends are your only way out of reality,
    But your Family is the only way back in,
    So keep them both and cherish them forever!"
    Copyright © 1999 Abby Brynn Gortney
    October 9, 2000
    "I dream of the perfect person,
    Yet I cannot realize he is right in front of me."
    A. Fritsch --- Submitted by Amanda F., Age 14 --- Ohio
    October 9, 2000
    "Be nice to everyone!
    Because it's not what's on the outside, but what's in the inside
    That makes a person special."
    Copyright © 1999 Amanda Zinke
    October 9, 2000
    "Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."
    G.W.F. Hegel --- Submitted by Angie N., Age 16 --- Indiana
    October 9, 2000
    "A life without risk is a life unlived."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by B.S., Age 15 --- Utah
    October 6, 2000
    "I look at the impossible and see only the possible."
    Jennifer J. --- Submitted by Evita J., Age 15 --- Texas
    October 6, 2000
    "There are two things to remember in life.
    One, don`t sweat the small stuff,
    And two, it`s all small stuff."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.N., Age 17 --- West Virginia
    October 6, 2000
    "Beyond race, beyond religion, beyond culture,
    There lies beauty within us all."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jayme H., Age 16 --- British Columbia, Canada
    October 6, 2000
    "When you think you're alone,
    When you think there's no one in this world who'll stand up for you,
    Look around and make sure you're right.
    Friends can appear in the most unlikely people,
    And are often right in front of you."
    Rich Thornton --- Submitted by Beth M., Age 15 --- New Jersey
    October 6, 2000
    "For all the trials and tears of time,
    For every hill I've had to climb,
    My heart sings but a grateful song.
    These are the things that make me strong."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Anna Elizabeth, Age 17 --- Wisconsin
    October 6, 2000
    "In the book of life, the answers aren't always in the book."
    Charlie Brown Submitted by A.M., Age 15 --- Kentucky
    October 6, 2000
    "Your friends are like the buttons on an elevator.
    They will either bring you up or take you down."
    Alexander Lockhart --- Submitted by Barbara B., Age 15 --- Georgia
    October 6, 2000
    "You can learn something from everyone,
    Even if he is the biggest underachiever, the most unpopular person,
    Or your worst enemy."
    Copyright © 2000 Angela Wen
    October 4, 2000

    Too many people live but really don't
    Too many people want but they won't
    Because so many people so it seems
    Never try to live up their dreams

    Out there, it's close yet far- there it lies
    Instead of reaching we wait till the urge dies
    We live barely a life, until we rot
    Cause we don't accept chances we've got

    We always complained of our lack
    We found ways to stab ourselves in the back
    We have a chance to reach the stars
    But we choose to stay and look at mars
    Because so many people so it seems
    Never try to live up their dreams

    We have the chance to enjoy or suffer
    If you don't try it just gets tougher
    You have money, it's there so enjoy
    If it hangs around it'll start to annoy

    People are so scared to spend the cash
    It was meant for good and turned a rash
    Because so many people so it seems
    Never try to live up their dreams

    Life's too short so go and have fun
    If you love the rain don't wait for sun
    Don't have others make your dreams true
    Because they won't and so won't you

    Instead stand up and start being a man
    Go on make it true cause only you can
    Every person has his special chances
    His friends, parties, and his dances

    If you blow them its not right but it's okay
    If you missed them you're blown away
    By the time you get old you'll see
    All you had and missed for free

    You were given the golden platter
    But you dropped it and let it shatter
    Because so many people so it seems
    Never try to live up their dreams

    Tsvika W., Age 17 --- Israel
    October 4, 2000
    "You cannot fulfill your dreams unless you dare to risk it all."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Inga J., Age 14 --- Wisconsin
    October 4, 2000
    "The greatest problem among teens today is not guns or violence,
    But lack of compassion amongst their peers."
    Copyright © 1999 Kimberly Shroyer
    October 4, 2000
    "Dreaming is the only way to see your past in a different life."
    Curtis Jordunson --- Submitted by Jayme H., Age 16 --- British Columbia, Canada
    October 4, 2000
    "The best way to get rid of a problem, is to solve it."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brandon C., Age 15 --- North Carolina
    October 4, 2000
    "Stand up for what you believe in
    And don't let anyone walk all over you.
    Also don't let anyone force you
    To change the way you feel about something.
    It's your own personal right and freedom to feel that way."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Julie C., Age 18 --- Ohio
    October 4, 2000
    "If a man does not follow his companions,
    Maybe it is because he hears a different drummer.
    Let that man follow the beat of that drummer,
    No matter how far or off-measured it is."
    Henry David Thoreau --- Submitted by Devin L., Age 13 --- New York
    October 2, 2000
    "Never live in the past for it can't be changed.
    Never live in the future for it has not been written yet.
    Live for today, because what you do today
    Is what you use to make your future."
    Copyright © 2000 Justin Havens
    October 2, 2000
    "Nobody knows to what heights you are going to soar,
    Not even yourself, until you spread your wings and fly.
    So fly girl, fly!"
    Author Unknown
    --- Submitted by April P., Age 19 --- South Glamorgan, United Kingdom

    October 2, 2000
    "Life is like the sky, whether it is dark gray storm clouds
    Or a beautiful blue ocean with white fluffs of cotton,
    You deal with what you have."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by L.H., Age 15 --- New Jersey
    October 2, 2000
    "There's only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving
    And that's your own self."
    Aldous Huxley --- Submitted by Emily S., Age 16 --- Connecticut
    October 2, 2000
    "Sometimes we must endure great pain, strong heartache, lonely nights to appreciate the together. Sometimes we must wait to deserve the grace. Sometimes we must fall in order to grow. If we never hurt, if we never loved, if we never lost, how could we gain ?

    Sometimes our eyes are only clear after being washed with tears. Wisdom & knowledge come with the lessons learned not taught. We must walk to think of how we've run. We must trip to learn not to skip. We must be broken to rebuild .

    One road has to open so the decision can be made. The door has to close so the window will be noticed. There must be death to appreciate life. There must be blind so someone can truly see. If it weren't for darkness how could we see the light?

    We must grieve in order to love to laugh. If we never hurt inside, how could we feel good ? If we never failed, what would we strive for ? If we always understood, nothing would be worth discovering. If there wasn't regret, what are we to change? If there weren't memories to be made, what is it we would look back on?"
    Copyright © 1999 Catherine Shafer
    October 2, 2000
    "He is with me and what can I fear?
    I look neither behind nor before, only up."
    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton --- Submitted by G. A., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania

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