September 29, 2000
    "Dare to be yourself.
    Emerge...... unfold..... unveil your possibilities but be natural.
    Have no pretenses and show your softer side.
    Be content, but don't forget to dream... and when you do....SOAR!!!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dams A., Age 18 --- Visayas, Philippines
    September 29, 2000
    "I like the dreams of the future, better than the history of the past."
    Thomas Jefferson --- Submitted by Inga J., Age 14 --- Wisconsin
    September 29, 2000
    "What doesn't kill me, makes me stronger."
    Nietzsche --- Submitted by M.M., Age 14 --- Ohio
    September 29, 2000
    "Friendship often hurts as bad as love,
    But the wounds are healed much quicker by an apology."
    Copyright © Tiffany DeMint
    September 29, 2000
    "It's not what you look like, that makes you who you are
    It's what you do, that makes you who you are."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.P., Age 13 --- Ohio
    September 29, 2000
    "Think what you will.....but think in certainty."
    Copyright © 2000 Michelle Albin
    September 27, 2000
    "If you focus on money, power, and fame,
    But not love, God and respect,
    You'll lose your chance at becoming the most loving,
    Most blessed, and most respectful person you can be -
    For two lifetimes."
    D.P., Age 12 --- Connecticut
    September 27, 2000
    "Life isn't about the breaths we take,
    But the moments that take our breath away."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kris S., Age 16 --- Ohio
    September 27, 2000
    "May the calm be widespread
    May the sea glisten like greenstone
    May the shimmer of summer dance forever across you pathway.
    Kia hora te marino
    Kia whakapapa pounamu te moana
    Kia tere te karohirohi"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Cara F., Age 16 --- Auckland, New Zealand
    September 27, 2000
    "Sometimes the only sense you can make out of life,
    Is a sense of humor."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tracy S., Age 14 --- British Columbia, Canada
    September 27, 2000
    "You CAN make the impossible possible."
    Crissy G., Age 14 --- Connecticut
    September 27, 2000
    "People who judge, don't matter.
    People who matter, don't judge."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Maria D., Age 15 --- New York
    September 25, 2000
    "Fighting one another is not the answer;
    Instead we should solve our problems in life peacefully
    With words instead of using our fists."
    Andrew M., Age 17 --- Texas
    September 25, 2000

    Will the future hours be a memory
    That will set me smiling in true bliss,
    Or a shadow so dark I keep running away from it?

    It's time to achieve a long-set goal,
    Time to fulfill an ancient desire,
    Time to do your best,
    And let everybody know that you can.

    Then, you know that there is finally a memory,
    That you are not afraid at all
    And each time you think of it
    You can smile in true bliss
    Copyright © 2000 Judy Ng
    September 25, 2000
    "Life is like a drop of dew on a blade of grass.
    It's there in the morning,
    But somewhere between there and the evening,
    It disappears."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brittany T., Age 15 --- Florida
    September 25, 2000
    "Little girls with dreams become women with vision."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jessica P., Age 14 --- Queensland, Australia
    September 25, 2000
    "Life is not a written book you can pick up and read.
    It is a journal waiting for you to fill it's pages."
    Copyright © 2000 Dana Atkin
    September 25, 2000
    "Life is like staring at a high staircase,
    it is not worthwhile until you initiate that first step. "
    Joanne C., Age 18 --- England, United Kingdom
    September 25, 2000
    "Maturity begins to grow when you can sense your concern for others
    Out weighing your concern for yourself."
    John MacNaughton --- Submitted by Dru O., Age 15 --- Florida
    September 22, 2000
    "If you are a rose among thorns,
    Turn the thorns into roses,
    And you will feel like you made a difference
    That will make you happy for the rest of your life."
    Copyright © 2000 Amelia Cahill
    September 22, 2000
    "Through adversity comes strength, so I must be Hercules!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mel E., Age 17 --- Victoria, Australia
    September 22, 2000
    "Promise only what you can give,
    Then give more than you promise."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jessica B., Age 16 --- North Carolina
    September 22, 2000
    "Experience is what you get
    By not having it when you needed it."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by M.A., Age 17 --- Kansas
    September 22, 2000
    "If Fate tells you that you will love, you will never be lonely.
    But if you ignore your love, you will not hear Fate!"
    Copyright © 2000 Neil Wheeler
    September 22, 2000
    "Life dances with those already on the dance floor."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by R.C., Age 14 --- New York
    September 20, 2000
    "Living without a goal,
    Is like driving without a destination."
    Copyright © 2000 Tammy Nguyen
    September 20, 2000
    "Our dreams are the only thing we can really count on in life,
    Because they are created within our minds and our hearts."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by JoAnna F., Age 15 --- New Jersey
    September 20, 2000
    "How much companionship the world has missed
    Because people are told they 'can't' be friends with each other?"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lindsey N., Age 16 --- Virginia
    September 20, 2000
    "Life is like a funhouse mirror;
    Don't lose sight of the things you want
    Because things are never really as far away as they seem."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nikki O., Age 17 --- Connecticut
    September 20, 2000
    "There are two times when you should learn to keep your mouth closed:
    When you are swimming and when you're angry."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jared R., Age 16 --- Utah
    September 18, 2000
    "Fear is Change
    Change is Fear
    Deal With It!!!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jun V., Age 18 --- California
    September 18, 2000
    "People choose the path of their own lives,
    Mortal and Immortal alike; victor or victim.
    You claim your role by the choices you make along the way."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Hayley C., Age 14 --- New Jersey
    September 18, 2000
    "Take a day to heal from the lies you've told yourself
    And that have been told to you."
    Maya Angelou --- Submitted by A. C., Age 13 --- Wisconsin
    September 18, 2000
    "You are valuable just because you exist.
    Not because of what you do or what you have done,
    But simply because you are.
    Just think about the way Jesus honors you...and smile."
    Max Lucado --- Submitted by Amanda A., Age 16 --- Ohio
    September 18, 2000
    "You may only experience true joy
    After you have experienced sorrow.
    Just like the only way to experience a rainbow
    Is to survive the storm."
    Anna R., Age 15 --- QLD, Australia
    September 18, 2000
    "The World Is Like a Mirror!!
    So When You Smile It Smiles Back At You!!!"
    Vinayana T., Age 15 --- Delhi, India
    September 18, 2000
    "Some people never say the words 'I love you'.
    It's not their style to be so bold.
    Some people never say those words 'I love you'.
    But, like a child, they're longing to be told."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Claudia D., Age 15 --- Quebec, Canada
    September 15, 2000
    "Life is worth living, it's worth taking your time,
    Worth the love and caring that it sends out,
    Life means love and happiness, life long happiness,
    If you need an uplift on life talk to me,
    Because your life troubles are worth my time.
    I Love you all!"
    Copyright © 2000 Cassie Fisher
    September 15, 2000
    "What happened to that special person?
    I spent so much time worrying about the future
    That I turned around and they were gone."
    Copyright © 2000 M. Brown
    September 15, 2000
    "One of the most important things I've learned is that life is too short.
    Too short for anger, too short for worrying...just too short.
    You gotta learn to make the most of what life hands you,
    because you never know what tomorrow may bring.
    Make the most of today...it's your gift to use as only YOU can!"
    Copyright © 2000 Kristin Gillen
    September 15, 2000
    "Never ever waste a moment of any day.
    Any moment lost in the present is an eternity when looking back."
    Copyright © 2000 Jaime Devlin
    September 15, 2000
    "All of our yesterdays may be gone today,
    But they will live forever in all of our tomorrows."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kim K., Age 18 --- Wisconsin
    September 13, 2000
    "It is better to prepare yourself for something that may not happen
    Than be unprepared when it actually does happen."
    Copyright © 2000 Matthew Bird
    September 13, 2000
    "Do not worry about what other people think.
    Save the worrying for bigger things in life."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by E.E., Age 14 --- Ohio
    September 13, 2000
    "Trust is not truly known by someone who has it
    Until they meet someone without it,
    And must learn to build it."
    Copyright © 2000 Sara Christie
    September 13, 2000
    "Don't ever give up, even if you don't get to where you want
    You'll still be somewhere better than where you were before."
    Copyright © 2000 Audra Erny
    September 13, 2000
    "If you cannot learn from your own mistakes,
    Try to learn from others."
    L.P., Age 17 --- California
    September 13, 2000
    "The best angle to approach any problem is the "try"...angle."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shannon M., Age 17 --- Texas
    September 11, 2000
    "For all the teens who feel like they are facing an enemy, no matter what it is, I say, Never give up! Never give up until all hope is lost. And still, keep trying! You never know how things might end. Never give up and die. Make the enemy come and get you!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by P.F., Age 14 --- Tennessee
    September 11, 2000
    "The current of life will guide you,
    But you must swim to reach your destination."
    Copyright © 1999 Sophia Gaitanoglou
    September 11, 2000
    "If you can control your mind, prove it!"
    Copyright © 1998 Hany Rizkallah
    September 11, 2000
    "Whatever happens was meant to be.
    We can only live our lives in the present,
    Learn from the past, and work for a better future
    And let God light the way."
    Alicia T., Age 14 --- Louisiana
    September 11, 2000
    "Aim so high that you'll never get bored."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sara M., Age 15 --- Ohio
    September 8, 2000
    "When I count my blessings,
    I always count my friends twice."
    Author Unknown
    --- Submitted by Chloe and Laura, Age 16 --- Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

    September 8, 2000
    "Do not take anything as being forever, because forever is only as long as today. Know that those who have the most are not the richest but those who need the least. That we are at our strongest when life is at its most difficult, and at our weakest when life no longer offers a challenge.

    That it is wiser to hope than to expect, for in expecting you invite disappointment, whereas in hoping you welcome surprise. That unhappiness doesn't come from not having something you want, but from the lack of something inside that you need. That there are some things to hold and some to let go, and letting go doesn't mean you lose, but that you acquire that which has been waiting around the corner.

    And if you help everyone you see in need, when you are in trouble, an abundance of help will come your way. Most importantly, use your dreams as a way of knowing yourself better, and as an inspiration to reach for your star."
    Author Unknown
    --- Submitted by Emily R., Age 13 --- East Sussex, United Kingdom

    September 8, 2000
    "Love is supreme, Love must govern.
    We create our own surroundings by the thoughts we think.
    We are sent here to live life fully, to live it abundantly,
    To find joy in our own creations, to experience both failure and success,
    To use free will to expand and magnify our lives."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.D., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
    September 8, 2000
    "A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same."
    Elbert Hubbard --- Submitted by Fran D., Age 15 --- Wisconsin
    September 8, 2000
    "The size of a heart cannot be measured by means of science,
    Rather, by how many hearts it can hold."
    Copyright © 2000 Alexandra Stevenson
    September 8, 2000
    "Be Brave, Live Brave, Play Brave!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jackie C., Age 14 --- New York
    September 6, 2000
    "The most important thing you can give someone is...a chance."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kimberly S., Age 13 --- Florida
    September 6, 2000
    "If you don't, you won't;
    If you want, you can!"
    Jacques Arsenault
    --- Submitted by Tanya P., Age 15 --- Prince Edward Island, Canada

    September 6, 2000
    "Life is to be lived not analyzed.
    Time is to be used not wasted."
    Lauren Bacall --- Submitted by Emily S., Age 15 --- Connecticut
    September 6, 2000
    "If you are determined to win, that is good.
    But you must never be satisfied with just #1.
    Go out and break records."
    Copyright © 2000 Mike Morrison
    September 6, 2000
    "A man who thinks the same at 50,
    As he did when he was 20,
    Has lost 30 years of his life."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dania W., Age 17 --- North Carolina
    September 6, 2000
    "The joy of life is in the journey."
    Frank Cooper --- Submitted by Amanda C., Age 16 --- Oklahoma
    September 1, 2000
    "No matter how hard we try we can't avoid change. It is everywhere and sometimes it can hurt real bad. But it is when change occurs that we really grow and become stronger. We grow wings and each time our lives change we get farther off the ground. One day, when we are finally in full flight, we will look down at the ground and see how far we have come. Then we will know it was all worthwhile."
    Katie K., Age 17 --- Illinois
    September 1, 2000
    "The world is a binding around your own creations;
    So cherish this time and make wise decisions."
    Copyright © 2000 Jennifer Heater
    September 1, 2000
    "We first make our habits, then our habits make us."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Carolyn C., Age 14 --- Michigan
    September 1, 2000
    "Some people are like butterflies.
    They can't see themselves to appreciate their own beauty."
    Copyright © 2000 Jonathan Boland
    September 1, 2000
    "Control the controllables."
    J. Gansfuss --- Submitted by C. G., Age 15 --- New York
    September 1, 2000
    "The simple things in life are doing the things people say you can't do."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jenn W., Age 16 --- Missouri
    September 1, 2000
    "Tomorrow's success depends on today's effort!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Amanda M., Age 18 --- Kentucky

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