February 28, 2000
    "Everyone deserves at least one chance, and even sometimes a second.
    So, allow yourself to meet people and have fun with them.
    The more friends you make, the happier you will be.
    Life is too short to sit around and wonder what if?
    Get out there and live already!
    Time will not slow down not matter how much you want it to.
    I think that sometimes we need to be reminded
    That our time here is precious and we should make the best of it."
    Kimberly S., Age 13 --- Florida
    February 28, 2000
    "Wherever you are, I am there too."
    Ludwig Van Beethoven --- Submitted by Erin C., Age 16 --- Minnesota
    February 28, 2000
    "Love is like a flower.
    It has a beginning when it grows,
    Then it blossoms to become a beautiful thing.
    Then one day it begins to die,
    But its memory lives on forever."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Kate, Age 13
    February 28, 2000
    "In life, you don't find too many people
    With the ability to give you butterflies.
    So when you do, tell that person,
    Otherwise life would be like living in your own personal prison."
    Doug from "Dawson's Creek" --- Sent in by Breanna, Age 15 --- Minnesota
    February 25, 2000
    "I just want real reactions.
    I want people to laugh from the gut,
    Be sad from the gut - or get angry from the gut."
    Andy Kaufman --- Sent in by Steve H., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
    February 25, 2000
    "Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.
    It's not something you can be taught in school;
    And if you haven't learned the value of friendship,
    You haven't really learned anything at all."
    Muhammad Ali --- Sent in by Megan B., Age 15 --- Illinois
    February 25, 2000
    "Those who say sunshine brings happiness
    Have never danced in the rain."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Rachel, Age 16 --- New York
    February 25, 2000
    My One True Friend

    I know that we will be friends to the end.
    I know that we will always be there for each other.
    I know that we will do anything to stay friends.
    I know that I found you for a purpose. I needed you.
    I know that through the hard times we always make each other laugh.
    I know that you are one of a kind and nothing can change you.
    I know that anything that is bothering me,
    I can always turn you for help.
    I know that even if some hot boy comes into our lives,
    We will still stay together.
    I know that all these things are true,
    That's why you are my one true friend.
    I know that we will grow old together,
    And I thank you for being my friend.
    Copyright © 2000 Carrie Austin
    February 23, 2000
    "Failure isn't failure if a lesson is learned."
    Mr. Chiberta --- Sent in by Nicole T., Age 14 --- Ohio
    February 23, 2000
    "Things don't change. You change your way of looking, that's all."
    Carlos Castaneda --- Sent in by Jessica Lynn, Age 14 --- South Carolina
    February 23, 2000
    "Live life to the fullest!
    You're only young once
    And that excuse won't last forever!"
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Megan, Age 15 --- Oregon
    February 23, 2000
    "Until you do what you believe in,
    You don't know whether you believe in it or not."
    Leo Tolstoy --- Sent in by Rebecca, Age 14 --- New York
    February 21, 2000
    My Sister

    She was always the center of attention,
    She partied every night
    She was always moving around,
    From every place she would take flight

    I always admired her
    Though I worried about her so,
    But as I grew up I realized
    The pain she didn't let show

    Drugs gave her peace
    Made her feel like she belonged
    But there was no way to show her
    She was tremendously wrong

    Then one day everything changed
    And the world as she knew it came down
    And in the depths of her womb
    A tiny baby was found

    In three short years
    I've seen it all
    I've seen her rise
    And I've seen her fall

    To look at her now
    Would blow your mind
    There's hardly a trace of her old self
    That you could find

    She's still her out-going self
    But she knows wrong from right
    She's a young woman and a mother
    And I'm glad she found her light.
    Name withheld, Age 15 --- Florida
    February 21, 2000
    "It is such a lonely place, the land of tears."
    Antoine de Saint-Exupery --- Submitted by Kali, Age 14 --- Michigan
    February 21, 2000

    I have to live with myself, and so,
    I want to be fit for myself to know;
    I want to be able as days go by
    Always to look myself straight in the eye;
    I don't want to stand with the setting sun
    And hate myself for the things I've done.

    I don't want to keep on a closet shelf
    A lot of secrets about myself,
    And fool myself as I come and go
    Into thinking that nobody else will know
    The kind of person I really am;
    I don't want to dress myself up in a sham.

    I want to go out with my head erect,
    I want to deserve all man's respect;
    But here in the struggle for fame and self,
    I want to be able to like myself.
    I don't want to think as I come and go
    That I'm bluster and bluff and empty show.

    I never can hide myself from me,
    I see what others may never see,
    I know what others may never know,
    I never can fool myself and so,
    Whatever happens,I want to be
    Self-respecting and conscience free.
    Edgar Albert Guest (1881-1959) Sent in by Katie D., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
    (I would like to dedicate this poem to one of my friends, Joanne Rowland, who always taught me to smile and have courage when things are down. She herself had courage when she died of cancer one year ago. She fought a good fight but it was her time to go. And I believe that this poem stands for what she was, is, and believed in.)
    February 21, 2000
    "Bad times, hard times,
    And all the clouds you've got to walk through are nothing.
    They just make the sun that much brighter
    When you finally come through."
    Anonymous --- Sent in by Faustina D., Age 15 --- South Carolina
    February 18, 2000
    "What happened, happened; what is done is done.
    Nothing can change it, no one can bring them back,
    So move on with your life.
    You are bound to see them sometime, you just never know when."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Rachael, Age 14 --- New York
    February 18, 2000
    "Isn't it weird that day by day nothing seems to change,
    But over time everything is different?"
    From Calvin and Hobbes --- Sent in by Maureen, Age 17 --- New Jersey
    February 18, 2000
    "It's better to know and want the cause of your hardships
    Than to not know and hate the cause."
    David, Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    February 18, 2000
    "The minute is passing and no matter how hard you try
    You'll never be able to bring it back."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Stephanie L., Age 15 --- Singapore
    February 16, 2000
    "Don't trip over dimes picking up pennies."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Jennie K., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    February 16, 2000
    "Ideas are like waves, you can't stop them from coming,
    So just sit back and let them flow."
    Copyright © 2000 Meredith Lindhorst --- Nebraska
    February 16, 2000
    "If something bad happens, just remember this;
    God has reasons for everything that happens, it wouldn't happen if he didn't.
    Tell yourself this if you think you can't make it anymore."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Josi F., Age 16 --- Nebraska
    February 16, 2000
    "If you help others, you will be helped,
    Perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in one hundred years,
    But you will be helped.
    Nature must pay off the debt;
    It is a mathematical law and all of life is mathematics."
    Gurdjieff --- Sent in by Kim, Age 17 --- Wisconsin
    February 14, 2000
    "Happiness is like jam:
    You can't spread even a little of it without getting it on yourself!"
    Angela W., Age 16 --- Ontario, Canada
    February 14, 2000
    "And life is what we make it.
    Always has been, always will be."
    Grandma Moses --- Sent in by Ronny B., Age 17 --- California
    February 14, 2000
    "It's too easy just to try."
    Kristine Lilly (US Women's National Soccer Team Member, and WWC champion)
    --- Sent in by Ang, Age 17 --- Massachusetts

    February 14, 2000
    "That is, attention must be paid to not only what is said but how it is said; to what we wear, as well as how we wear it. In fact, we should be aware of all we do and of how we do all that we do."
    Maya Angelou --- Sent in by Cara Joan D., Age 15 --- New York
    February 11, 2000
    "To seek the future is to have courage;
    To seek the past is to be scared of your ability."
    Copyright © 1999 Kendra Faith Ford
    February 11, 2000
    "Thirty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So, throw up the bowlines. Sail away form the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Jessie, Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
    February 11, 2000
    "I lose my temper, but it's all over in a minute, said the student.
    So is the atom bomb, the teacher replied,
    But think of the damage it produces."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Breanna, Age 15 --- Minnesota
    February 11, 2000
    "There is nothing more difficult,
    And therefore more precious,
    Than the ability to decide."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Stephanie I., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
    February 9, 2000
    "Love yourself first and everything else falls into line.
    You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."
    Lucille Ball --- Sent in by Anna H., Age 16 --- Canterbury, New Zealand
    February 9, 2000
    Working hard
    Late at night
    Mind keeps wand'ring
    No end in sight
    Nothing coming
    Going blind
    Thoughts of you
    Drift through my mind
    Patience wearing
    Work not done
    Mem'ries flooding
    Up comes the sun
    Hours spent
    On work not done
    Reason? Simple -
    My love won
    Copyright © 1999 Rachel Dahl
    February 9, 2000
    "Promise me Pooh that you won't forget me, ever,
    Because if I thought you might, I would never leave."
    Christopher Robin, Winnie The Pooh
    --- Sent in by Nicole L., Age 17 --- Ohio

    February 9, 2000
    "Always focusing on your faults is like focusing on the rain.
    You are unable to see the rainbow in front of you."
    Marisa Joy, Age 16 --- California
    February 7, 2000
    "It must be borne in mind that tragedy of life doesn't lie in reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. It isn't calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream. It is not a disaster to be unable to capture your ideal, but it a disaster to have no ideal to capture. It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for. Not failure, but low aim is a sin."
    Benjamin E. Mayes --- Sent in by Robin, Age 15 --- New York
    February 7, 2000
    "Everything happens for a reason.
    Either you can use your heart and desire to fight the bad,
    Or you can choose the easy way; feel sorry for yourself
    And miss out on opportunities that present a lifetime of excitement."
    Copyright © 1999 Tracy Dumais, Age 17
    February 7, 2000
    "Everything has God's fingerprints on it."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Ellie L., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania
    February 7, 2000
    "You never know what you're missing out on until you take a risk."
    Carey Tinkelenberg --- Sent in by Chad, Age 16 --- Massachusetts
    February 4, 2000
    "Life is too short to wonder what other people are thinking,
    Or saying about you.
    The only person that has the right to judge you is God.
    On the other hand, when you make a comment about someone,
    Think of how bad it hurts when someone makes a comment about you."
    Nick Andrew H., Age 15 --- Ohio
    February 4, 2000
    "A man is a success if he gets up in the morning
    And goes to bed at night
    And in between does what he wants to do."
    Bob Dylan --- Sent in by Emily S., Age 15 --- Connecticut
    February 4, 2000
    "Optimism is the cheerful frame of mind
    That enables a teakettle to sing, though in water up to it's nose."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in By Adam, Age 15 --- Missouri
    February 4, 2000
    "Looking into the future is so bright, it's burning my eyes!"
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Jenine, Age 17 --- Alberta, Canada
    February 2, 2000
    "Trust in God. Why would he give you a dream that you would never be able to reach. So if your given a dream then chase after it, for God wouldn't have given it to you if he was going to take it away with no sign of hope."
    Copyright © 2000 Amber E.
    February 2, 2000
    "Offense wins games, defense wins championships."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Allix Dawn S., Age 15 --- Saskatchewan, Canada
    February 2, 2000
    "Don't let your past hold you down and don't let the fire of your spirit fade out because someone is cold. If you got it --you've got it. If you don't...know that there is something there.. real special.. & you keep trying."
    JayTee --- Sent in by Jenny T., Age 17 --- Ohio