The Power Of Real Love


One day there was a great teacher who had many followers. He was known for his wise attitude but like every human, he was getting old. He was starting to get sick, real sick; sick to the point that he couldn't wake up by himself. The wise teacher thought about all his followers and called his best three.

"My time here is limited and I need a successor to take care of my followers."

The best three felt so sad, knowing that they were going to lose their master.

Then, the teacher continued.

"I'm going to choose one of you to become my successor. But first, I want to ask the three of you one question. The one with the wisest answer will become my successor!"

The three followers became nervous about what the question might be.

Then the old teacher asked, "If there were a couple that loved each other but they seemed not to get along so well..."

The followers started to imagine what their master was describing.

"And the question is: At what point should they separate?"

The three followers started to think. They seemed confused until their master continued:

"Tonight, when the moon in the sky is right over the top of my head, all three of you will have to come with your answer. Now go and search for the right answer!"

Finally, it was time for the three followers to meet with their master and deliver their answers.

"Have you all found your answer yet?" asked the master.

"Yes master," said the followers.

"Okay, give me your answer and explain it."

The first follower began to speak. "The point that they should separate is when one human feels they don't have enough chemistry left with his or her mate. Why? Because I think that humans can live happily, and without a nightmare in their life, when they start being honest with one another. That's my answer, master."

"Good. Next!"

The second follower began to talk. "I think that they should separate when they don't feel comfortable with each other. They are in love but if they can't get along so well it is useless. I think that a couple can last long if they can understand each other and they feel comfortable with each other."

"Humph, great… really great!"

The last follower began to speak. "I have a different opinion than these two friends of mine, master, but I am a little shy and afraid to say it."

The master replied, "Yes, you are the most shy but you made the best three. Please, I'd like to hear your answer."

"Okay, master, as you wish. At what point should they separate? Mmmm…NEVER. Why? Because you said that they love each other. To me that means if they already love each other, they already understand each other, they are already comfortable with each other and because they already love each other, they will go through everything together even they can't get along so well. LOVE is the most powerful thing that humans have and it can defeat anything."

The wise man's eyes begin to fill with tears. He looked at the shy follower and said, "Even your answer is more beautiful than mine."

Copyright © 2010 Aditya Satyawan
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