Have Faith That You Will Be Rewarded

The Parable Of The Two Servants

One day, the master commanded his two servants to plant seeds while he was away.

One servant placed the command of his master to His heart and obeyed while the other servant only heard the words of His master and went on his own way.

The first servant, who loved his master more than himself, worked hard. Every day he planted seeds underneath the sun. Though sometimes he felt so tired, he never quit; he just took a rest and thought of his master coming back.

There were also times when he got hurt because of stones, insects and other harmful objects but still he never gave up; he continued doing his master's command. He knew that someday all his hard work would pay off and his master would be pleased with him.

But the other servant, who loved himself more than his master, enjoyed the pleasure of the world. He thought that his master wouldn't know what he was doing. He used his freedom for his own sake. He put aside his master's command and followed his own will.

Many years passed; still the master did not come back. The faithful servant kept following him, bearing his master's promise, while the other servant wandered around the world.

One day their master appeared and was pleased when he found one servant in the field harvesting the crops but disappointed when he couldn't find the other one.

The master called the two servants and explained why he had been gone for such a long time.

He said that he built a beautiful home as payment for the service they rendered, and those who have been faithful would be with him, back on his property, in their new home.

So he asked them how good their harvest was.

The faithful servant happily announced that he had hundred fold of harvest every year while the other servant bowed down and asked for forgiveness because he had nothing for his master.

The master, who was just, rewarded the first servant and took him back to his land and gave him a new home but the other servant got nothing and was punished.

So let us remember to be like the faithful servant so that when our Master comes back, we will be rewarded and not punished.

Copyright 2010 Jenirose Sulit

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