What Did Freedom Cost The People Of India?

The Road To Freedom

Today broke the bonds of slavery,
Today was paid service, to the bravery.
Today were the usurpers thrown.
Today did India stand on her own.

Long was endured, the unjust pain,
Long was plundered, the thinning wane.
Long kept silent, the silent voice,
Before long, we spoke up, a thundering noise.

Enough had we played: The Idol of Tolerance,
Time for results, no more nursing Florence.
Enough on stand by, being the spectator,
Time to change, become the dictator.

“Divide and Rule” – the policy in employ,
Diversify the united – a clever deploy.
Creating differences, under the name of religion,
Planting seeds of doubt, engulfing the nation.

A century passed, before the Lord showed pity,
“The evil never wins” – he had to prove worthy.
Finally heeding to the prayers of his children,
Sent angels to free them, of their burden.

The angels showed in the face our leaders,
Who stood against their mother's tears.
The ray of hope, the light of inspiration,
The ones who’d relieve the onslaught of Depression.

Processions, rallies, satyagrahas launched,
Trespassers beware, the war cries conched.
Young blood boiling, the volcano stirring,
Patience vaporized, all in red – coloring.

The road to freedom - not laid with flowers,
Full of thorns: worse – the enemy had powers.
Sometimes Lathi-charged, sometimes in prison,
Always ready to sacrifice, to continue the mission.

Exploitation exceeded beyond the fracture point,
Once again united, religions disjoint.
Proof showcased – We children of the almighty,
Doubts uprooted, clouds giving way to destiny.

Hand-in-hand, every soul connected to other,
Each one united, embracing all as brother.
Together, standing up for the same reason,
Under their leadership, lets free the nation.

Against the bundled Indians, their might fell apart,
They had to give way, victory to the brave heart.
The whole nation shed tears, now of rejoice,
As they welcomed Azad-Hind, all in one voice.

Today, will the martyr’s soul rest in amity,
Today, will our flag flutter with dignity.
Today, will begin India’ s new odyssey,
And inspire coming generations, a pride of memory.

Copyright ©2010 Parth Nilesh Khimsaria
I wrote this poem in celebration of Independence Day in India and to motivate people of my age to respect our nation and the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

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