Failure Is Part Of Success

It's Ok To Fail Sometimes...

I am very sure that most of the people reading this would think that such statements are out dated and in this fast paced razor sharp life we get only one chance.

As a good coach / teacher / parent would agree, it is very important to taste failure for true success.

Life is not a battle but a war. No matter we lose a few battles, but the war must be won!!

The American Army, for instance, would only hire people for their elite team who had sometimes in their career failed and bounced back. Their thought was that if the person has not failed ever, it is difficult to know how he would react to failure / situation of hopelessness.

Another example of this is the vaccine injections we got when we are young children. They helped our body to fight the diluted strains of virus and ensured that we are not harmed in our future lives. Our body's self defense mechanism became stronger and impassable for future against those viruses.

The only caveat for this mantra is that we need to use it very judiciously. We cannot use this on each and every instance of failure where didn't even try to do something whole-heartedly.

Failure is not in falling, but in not getting up after falling.

So every time you don't succeed, don't lower your targets but raise your own standards of attempt!!

Copyright 2010 Bhupesh Dhawan
I work for a multinational Bank in New Delhi and have a beautiful 5 year old daughter. I want her to read this when she grows up.