Where Do Poetry And Music Come From?

The World of Poetry and Music
By Michael Levy

Poetry and Music are masters of their own domain.

They do not require human contact to exist.

That may seem a strange statement to academic people who have been told they need to go to school or collage to learn how to write poetry or music.

None-the-less, the statement is true and can be verified by any authentic person who has experienced poetry and music dancing through their brains and veins.

Poetry and music floats around the universe in ever increasing circles.

It seeks the empty, open spaces, in minds of simple people.

When the simple person stands aside, without thought and allows poetry or music to express itself, without interference of preconditioned thought, the works write themselves.

Thus, a genuine writer has become a vehicle of expression for poetry or music, much to the displeasure of people who be-lie-ve they can teach or be taught the craft of poetry and music.

Poetry and Music are what they are and on behalf of poetry and music I wish you all fulfilling emptiness.

Copyright 2010 Michael Levy
About the Author: Michael Levy, grew up simply in a poor neighborhood of North Manchester, England. He left school at sixteen, started his own business at nineteen with $100 and was married with two children before he turned twenty-one.

He retired successfully from the business world at forty-six and went to live in Florida. After six years, of asking profound questions inwardly, he woke up one day and started writing the answers.

Michael is now known as a professional optimist. His new book is titled; CUTTING TRUTHS He is an international talk show host, philosopher, poet and the author of ten inspirational books. Michael's poetry, essays and investigative journalism enhance many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health and wellness maintenance, stress eradication, wealth creation and development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry.

Be sure to stop by his website: http://www.pointoflife.com

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