How To Survive Very Bad Customer Service

Practice Serving

All of nature must serve, it has no choice. You are a human being and you have been given a choice to serve or not to serve. The trees must breathe out so that we can breathe in. When we breathe out, the trees breathe in.

The true giver is always the receiver of joy. You can trade joy for more things than you can trade money for. What you want the most wants you. Focus on giving of yourself, forgiving others and living with thanksgiving. You will need not seek happiness, it will seek you.

When you do not have enough joy in your life, it could be a wrong way of thinking. Everyone wants to receive. Sometimes you feel that you are tired of giving. You are not tired of giving, you are tired of the way you feel about serving. You can change how you feel. You have the power to choose your feelings.

I love to go into a restaurant and practice serving the server. It is an attitude! If the service is very bad, I may say to the server, "If you spoil me, I am going to keep coming back!"

They laugh and start spoiling me more.

Kill them with kindness. My Mother used to tell me this when someone would get the best of me. The word politics means to influence. You are a politician. When someone is giving you a difficult time, kill them with kindness. You will eventually influence them to be like you. You do not want them to influence you to be like them.

You have a choice to serve or not serve.

Before I married, my friend talked about money. After I was married a while, she found out that I did not have money. I asked her if she married me for my money. She said, "What money? You do not have any money."

I said, "Why did you marry me?"

She said, "One of the reasons I married you is because you have potential to earn money. You have expectations to serve others."

Your potential is located in your expectations of this moment. Your expectations are located in how you see yourself. The only way to see you is to believe in yourself enough. When you believe in yourself enough, you will see yourself as a person that loves to give (serve). The true giver is always the receiver and what you want the most wants you!

Forgiving means let go. It does not mean to forget. If you forget, you will not learn anything. If I am not grateful for what I have, I will not be grateful if I get more. Practice the gratitude attitude. How may I serve humanity with humility? What can I do right now?

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