Faith, Trust & Love

The Proper Utensils

A knife a fork and a spoon
These are utensils used to cut through
Pick away and scoop up what is on
Our plate and in a bowl
They are what we eat our meal with
In life we also have a plate and a goal
Many things we deal with
For this we must utilize the proper utensils
Grab a pad & pen or paper & pencil
Write this down and memorize it

Faith, trust & love these are utensils as well
When properly used their functions run parallel
Faith cuts through the toughest times like a knife
Trust is a fork that picks away
The doubt that enters your life
Love is a spoon that will scoop you up
When nothing else can
Your fate is in your heart
And your fate is in your hands
And last but not least "utensils" spells "us silent"
So as we quietly regroup
Let's keep faith, trust & love
As we cut through pick away & scoop

Copyright 2011 Tony Haynes
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