A Matter Of Focus

Have you noticed how different people who view the same incident can have different conclusions of what happened? Has your environment slanted your thinking? Have your experiences clouded your thoughts of good and bad?

What causes us to have varying opinions of events? What can we do to remain focused and positive in our conclusions?

I'm reminded of the airplane passenger, waiting for takeoff. Looking to the left side of the plane, he saw a beautiful sunset. Looking to the right, he saw dark and threatening clouds. No matter the sky, his flight was still bound for a particular destination.

Our lives are similar to the view of that passenger. We are heading on our destination, knowing there will be some happy, beautiful times, but there will also be some dark shadows along life's pathway.

We can learn and appreciate a valuable lesson in this allegory. If we abide in Him, we will proceed to our destination with peace and joy, no matter the dark days that shadow our lifetime. We have that choice.

We can dwell on the gloomy picture, or we can focus on the bright things and leave the dark and ominous situations to God. He, alone, can handle them anyway. Focus on God and you will be able to experience the peace that passes all understanding.

Copyright 2011 Bob Stoess --- Submitted by Brian G. Jett --- Kentucky

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