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October 31, 2012
" At the beginning of the day what comes along with us are new and great opportunities. At the end of day what comes along with us are also opportunities, some of which we missed or some of which we utilized to transform ourselves."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rahul M., Age 16 --- India

October 31, 2012
" Believe in yourself, and you will always do the right things."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ethel P., Age 14 --- Maryland

October 31, 2012
" Do not sit there and wait for it to happen; MAKE IT HAPPEN!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Judith C., Age 16 --- Massachusetts

October 29, 2012
" Life is too short to fool around; stand strong and finish strong."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jeremy R., Age 13 --- Maryland

October 29, 2012
" Nobody is going to hold your hand and guide you through. It's up to you to understand. Nobody is going to feel your pain when its all done. It's time for you to walk away from all petty things that are holding you back."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lauraielle F., Age 13 --- Maryland

October 29, 2012
" If I can shine without diamonds, then I can fly without wings."
Written in 2012 by Tiarena K., Age 14 --- New York
Cause I did it, and I loved it.

October 24, 2012  Life Quotes for Teens
" Understanding the question is half the answer."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Siraj S., Age 18 --- India

October 24, 2012  Quotes for Teens
" Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start and make a brand new ending."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.R., Age 15 --- Texas

October 24, 2012  Life Quotes for Teenagers
" When you are down, look up. When you see a friend, you know it is true. That one friend, that person, to stand by your side through wrong and right, through happiness and sadness, that one person is you."
Written in 2012 by Amanda M., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania

October 22, 2012  Best Quotes for Teens
" For a great spirit, there can never be a defeat."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Devyani C., Age 15 --- India

October 22, 2012  Quotes for Teens
" SMILE is always the choice. No matter if you have sorrow, or anything else."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by P.P., Age 15 --- Oklahoma

October 22, 2012  Quotes for Teenagers
" If you don't lose, you can't respect winning. If you don't fail, you can't respect success. If you don't struggle, you can't honor life."
Written in 2012 by Rajit R., Age 16 --- India

October 17, 2012
" Birth is one's first and only audition to enter in to the story we call life. Some make it, some don't; always be glad that you did. Don't waste it, don't take it, just live it and make it. EVERYTHING GETS BETTER!"
Written in 2012 by Victor Sereno Hernandez

October 17, 2012
" The first step to greatness is to believe in yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ale-Felix M., Age 15 --- Nigeria
If you believe in yourself, you have the full ticket to reach your dreams.

October 17, 2012
" You hit what you aim at! And if you aim at nothing, you hit it every time."
Author Unknown --- submitted by Gausuddin S., Age 18 --- India

October 15, 2012
" I don't know about you, but I'd rather be an active participant than a passive listener."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ethel P., Age 14 --- Maryland

October 15, 2012
" Sometimes you feel so blue, but remember there's someone, somewhere, crying for you. Every day when the sun rises, as the rays meet your eye, you try every time to make the same good thing happen, without realizing that you missed the moonlight."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sadikshya G., Age 19 --- Nepal
We humans hate change. Sadness or happiness, we don't care; all we care about is living in a constant, never changing phase. Just one simple nod can change something. Actually 'change' is wonderful if good and new if not.

October 15, 2012
" You called the girl ugly, you said she's loud, you laughed at her when she want to buy roses for her parents. Now, tell me, what is the definition of beauty? She is being ignored by her classmates every time and she wants to be heard. She wants to buy roses for them because they died. Don't know their story, then why judge?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kaiyin C., Age 14 --- Singapore

October 10, 2012  Teen Quotes
" Life is too short to hate people! So love each and every moment of it! Love others and be loved!"
Written in 2012 by Devyani C., Age 15 --- India
People (most of the teens) lose their time in hating people and forget the loved ones! This quote is for everyone!

October 10, 2012  Teen Quotes
" Don't think too much; just do much."
Written in 2012 by Akshay G., Age 19 --- India

October 10, 2012  Quotes for Teenagers
" Life is the way you look at it: LIFEISNOWHERE. Some will read as - 'Life is no where' while others will look as - 'Life is now here.' So it depends on us how we see life."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Purna P., Age 17 --- India

October 8, 2012
" As a child we always want to grow, but as we grow up we understand that broken toys and lost pencils are much better than lost friends and a broken heart."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shivani M., Age 14 --- India

October 8, 2012
" Always suppress your pride and admit your wrong for every wrong doing, there's a chance to learn the right thing."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ethel P., Age 14 --- Maryland

October 8, 2012
" To judge someone on their looks is to judge yourself on character.....LOVE EVERYONE!"
Written in 2012 by Victor Sereno Hernandez

October 1, 2012  Life Quotes for Teens
" Whenever you feel your lowest, whenever you feel your worst, remember: everyone has to start somewhere, and what better place then here?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.M N., Age 15 --- Alaska
Basically this says that you can always start again. There is no end of the rope in life, there is always some way to climb back up. Your life starts being LIVED when you start LIVING it. Do good and remember: you're always accountable for what you do, so start something that you can see through to the finish.

October 1, 2012  Life Quotes for Teenagers
" You might be young and small but always think big."
Written in 2012 by Lase D., Age 15 --- Nigeria

October 1, 2012  Best Quotes for Teens
" It is not up to anyone to say you can't but you to say I can."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Anthony C., Age 13

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