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JUNE 2012


June 27, 2012
" Live your life and be honest to yourself; have no regrets today because tomorrow is not promised."
Written in 2012 by D. Reynolds --- Georgia
I chose this quote because I feel that people should stay true to themselves and not try to be like anyone else. People also have a lot of regrets and they should cherish all the moments they have instead because no one is going to live forever and you should enjoy everyday you live.

June 27, 2012
" Never compare yourself with others because it's like you insult yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Himadry N., Age 15 --- India
There is a top comparison of anything among many people but they must know that everyone is unique in this world.

June 27, 2012
" Striving for excellence will cause success with anything you do."
Phildarius --- Submitted by Phil S., Age 15

June 25, 2012
" Don't keep your dreams in your eyes, they may drop down as tears. Keep them in your heart so that every heartbeat reminds you to fulfill your desire."
Author Unknown ---Submitted by Surjit S., Age 17

June 25, 2012
" Rock climbers need climbing harness, gluing shoes in order to be able to hold on tight and get to the top of the mountain. But achievers and success seekers need hard work, perseverance, endurance, and determination to get to a great height and most importantly GOD."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ale-Felix M., Age 14

June 25, 2012
" This just not your problem, this is our problem. I care for you."
Written in 2012 by Tiffani R., Age 13

June 20, 2012
" Someone once said: "Life isn't good." I will disagree 'cause life is beautiful. One day you can have terrible day, but you have to know how to enjoy in life. Life can be better if you appreciate what you have."
Written in 2012 by Josipa L.T. --- Croatia
Life's good.

June 20, 2012
" You work for what you want, so when you don't work, your dreams don't come true."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.J., Age 15 --- Texas

June 20, 2012
" Every soul has a purpose. Every life has a meaning. So what's yours?"
Written in 2011 by William W., Age 19 --- India

June 18, 2012
" Be content with what you are or what you have right now."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Cybill L.A., Age 15 --- Philippines

June 18, 2012
" Live your life for those that you love."
Relient K. --- Submitted by C.D., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania

June 18, 2012
" I'm Not Conceited; I Just Strongly Support My Reflection."
Written in 2012 by Angelical A., Age 17 --- Mississippi

June 13, 2012
" Just because one thing doesn't go the way you had planned doesn't mean that you should just quit on it; maybe it just wasn't meant to happen! Instead look at what's ahead and plan on it ending up better!"
Written in 2012 y Joshua R., Age 15 --- Washington

June 13, 2012
" Never get tired of doing little things for people, because sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part in their hearts."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Purna P., Age 17 --- India

June 13, 2012
" Talent does not search for the person, in fact the person needs to search for the talent inside him and take it out to show the world."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Himadry N., Age 15 --- India
Everyone use to say that they don't have talent and in reply I use to say these lines.

June 11, 2012
" If you think you are strong enough, you may be sometimes wrong. But if you think you are weak enough, you are always wrong."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rajit R., Age 16 --- India

June 11, 2012
" They tell you to be yourself… and then judge you for it."
Swag quotes --- Submitted by Maria P., Age 14 --- California

June 11, 2012
" To fail is not failure. Failure to rise up might be."
Written in 2012 by Gideon K., Age 17 --- Kenya
To all of those who see themselves as failures, there's still hope because life has second chances; exploit the chances.

June 6, 2012
" My love for you will be a fabric that never fades. No matter how old it gets, or what it goes through. It will always be there, strong and comforting. You're the one, that special fabric that will last a lifetime."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bree, Age 16 --- Kansas
Sometimes letting go of someone you loved isn't easy. Sometimes it's impossible. This quote makes me think that that's okay.(:

June 6, 2012
" Use your smile to change this world; but don't let this world change your smile."
Brooke S. --- Submitted by Shannon S., Age 14 --- Kentucky

June 6, 2012
" Failure is not actually an event it is more a reaction to an event and is an important part of learning."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Surjit S., Age 17 --- India

June 4, 2012
Here are 7 Secrets of Success:
Roof says - Aim High
AC says - Be Cool
Clock says - Every Minute Is Precious
Mirror says - Reflect Before You Act
Window says - See The World
Calendar says - Be Up-To-Date
Door says - Push Hard To Achieve Your Goal
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Purna P., Age 17 --- India

June 4, 2012
" When you live, you will learn how to love. When you love, you will learn how to live."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Richard RJ., Age 16 --- Indonesia

June 4, 2012
" Life is just like a beautiful sentence but its beauty depends only on you - how you take it..."
Written in 2012 by Komal S., Age 17 --- India
I hope my quote will inspire others to always live their life like an optimist, with a positive attitude.

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