• February 27, 2002
    " Knowledge without the ability to think is a total waste; like words written in a book that is never read."
    Copyright © 1999 F. Vice
  • February 22, 2002
    " Why need calculators when there are math books?
    Why need math books when there are computers?
    Why need computers when there is your imagination (intelligence)?"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.G., Age 13 --- Illinois
  • February 20, 2002
    " A good teacher is one who can understand those who are not very good at explaining, and explain to those who are not very good at understanding."
    Dwight D. Eisenhower --- Submitted by Amanda S., Age 16 --- North Carolina
  • February 18, 2002
    " The highest cost of an education is not getting one!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Robert Caldwell --- North Carolina
  • February 15, 2002
    " Life does not consist mainly, or even largely, of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thoughts that are forever blowing through one's mind."
    Mark Twain --- Submitted by S.S. --- Massachusetts
  • February 13, 2002
    " You can do it, there's nothing to it!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jessica Coer --- Connecticut
    (I use this quote to motivate my Preschoolers to try and they love it!!!)
  • February 11, 2002
    " Hard lessons are always hard to learn,
    But those are the ones that will make you succeed in life."
    Written in 2002 by V. Vega
  • February 8, 2002
    " My favorite teacher of all times is Ms. Keiwnbata, my global studies teacher when I was 8. She was nice and understanding and always made me smile. I love Ms. Keiwnbata and miss her so much, and I always think of her and miss her especially when I'm in geography class now."
    Loeaza Baddraghama --- Georgia ( New to the U.S.A. - from Africa )
  • February 6, 2002
    We were very fortunate in our part of the world to have known a wonderful man. His name was Bill. He was an elementary school principal like no other I have known.

    If you telephoned Bill, his secretary would answer "Good Morning, Greatest Elementary School in the World!" Bill took a personal interest in every student, faculty member, and visitor to his school. He collected Disney memorabilia, and would give a tour of his office to every newcomer to his building. New students left with a token of Bill's welcome; a pencil or a piece of candy. New faculty and visitors left with the warm feeling that comes from getting Bill's full attention, concern, and most generous welcome.

    Bill worked long hours at his school. He was often the first to arrive and the last to leave. He gave his time and attention to each person he came into contact with during his day. He was the first to admit that he was not perfect. He also was well aware that he could not please everyone. Still, he made it his business to let every person he came into contact with, that they were worthwhile and special.

    Bill chose to involve his school in honoring America's Veterans. He planned and practiced with his students for an elaborate gala performance in honor of Veterans' Day each year. He made sure that all Veterans who wished to attend were able to make it to the performance. The students loved to perform, and the Veterans were deeply honored.

    Bill was proud of his school. He made sure that there were photos of students, faculty, staff, and Veterans throughout the hallways. He posted awards won by students for academic excellence, citizenship and athletic excellence. He recognized faculty and staff for their efforts by presenting awards for their outstanding service to students. He beamed when he heard of the achievements of those he knew and loved.

    On weekends, Bill taught classes for teachers throughout the region. The main theme of his classes were "The Power of Positive Education". He worked long hours scheduling expert speakers, gathering materials, and preparing the gymnasium of his school for the classes.

    Bill wore a tuxedo when he was instructing teachers. He wanted teachers to know that he believed they were very important people, and that he had the utmost respect for their dedication and for their work. Bill provided copies of every positive quote about teaching that he could find. He read inspiring stories about overcoming adversity to become successful students and teachers.

    Bill taught for many years before he was a principal. He understood how teachers can feel undervalued -based on public opinion - and based on small salaries. Bill made his classes for teachers a celebration in honor of teachers and their work. He took the opportunity in his classes to let the attendees SHINE. As final projects, each participant would share the secrets of their success in the classroom. Bill kept a file of all of the presentations, and was proud to share ideas with new classes.

    When Bill died suddenly, in 1999, there was an outpouring of grief over his loss, and a huge celebration of his life. At Bill's wake, Bill's fiancée and family listened to story after story of how he inspired and encouraged every person that he met. His funeral service was overflowing with students, teachers, Veterans and friends. At his school, hundreds of bouquets, banners and stuffed animals surrounded the flag pole in honor of a life well lived.

    Bill expressed his gratitude to teachers everyday. He honored and valued the goals of his students. He was the world's greatest principal and the loudest cheerleader for all teachers. He certainly touched the future by encouraging teachers and students to do what they do best - and to feel good about it.

    Many of the quotes Bill shared with teachers are found on the website. One of my favorites that Bill shared with us is "Teaching is the profession that makes all other professions possible".

    I'm grateful to have known Bill. His memory will continue in the positive messages and works of the teachers he instructed.
    Copyright © 2001 Ellen McCafferty
  • February 4, 2002
    " In a world full of sheep, be a Shepherd!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Michael Luzzi --- New Jersey
  • February 1, 2002
    " The innocence in a child's eyes touches our soul like no other. Without words, children remind us of our own innocence and help us bring to mind something that may have been long forgotten.......our own ability to love without condition."
    Copyright © 2000 Steve Ake
  • January 30, 2002
    " Others may be there to help us, teach us, and guide us
    But the lesson to be learned is always ours."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Crystal S., Age 17 --- Massachusetts
  • January 28, 2002
    " If others say it's impossible, go for the challenge and try!"
    Copyright © 2002 Jacqui Reinhart
  • January 25, 2002
    " Teachers can be paid to make students do work and acquire average grades, but it is when that student leaves a course with great passion and understanding for what was taught to them that a teacher has worked to their fullest potential."
    Copyright © 2001 Britta Reshan
  • January 23, 2002
    " I've come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element in the classroom. It's my personal approach that creates the climate. It's my daily mood that makes the weather. As a teacher, I possess a tremendous power to make a child's life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration. I can humiliate or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis will escalated or de-escalated and a child humanized or de-humanized."
    Haim Ginott --- Submitted by Cathy Langford --- New Mexico
  • January 21, 2002
    " Imagine... Dream... Believe... Achieve."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Amy A., Age 17 --- New York
  • January 18, 2002
    " When you open your mouth to speak, you reveal a great deal. The words you use and the way you speak are like a blueprint of who you are deep inside."
    Robert K. Dellenbach --- Submitted by Ana Paula --- Chubut, Argentina
  • January 16, 2002
    " No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Murali Duggineni --- Andhra Pradesh, India
  • January 14, 2002
    " What's down in your well comes up in your bucket."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.L. --- Colorado
  • January 11, 2002
    " Dreams are nature's way of letting you know what you're capable of."
    Copyright © 2002 Ray Ramirez
  • January 9, 2002
    " Even the greatest of people fall.
    What makes them great is that they have the courage to stand back up."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sarah M., Age 13 --- Pennsylvania
  • January 7, 2002

    " I am that most fortunate of men for I am eternal. Others live merely in the world of today; I live in the world of tomorrow. Others find purpose in the transient and the temporal; I find meaning in the enduring and the eternal. For I am charged with that most sacred mission - to transmit all that our forebears lived for, loved for, and died for to the next generation. I span the generations - making the wisdom of the past live now so that the future will have meaning. I make wisdom live, for I am no mere bearer of knowledge. I do not simply teach the mind; I reach the heart and - when I reach the heart; I touch the soul. To those who say two generations hence what will I be if not a distant memory, I respond: Though the mind fades, memories linger. Though the body fails, the spirit prevails. Though the scroll burns, the letters dance in the air."
    Rabbi Zev Schostak --- Submitted by F. Vice --- Texas
  • January 4, 2002
    " Angels are students in Heaven and teachers on Earth."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tracy Beaman --- North Carolina
  • January 2, 2002
    " Life isn't what you expect it to be, it's what you make it."
    Copyright © 2001 Shawn Easley