• October 31, 2001
    " A teacher is a special FRIEND
    Whose love and kindness never ends."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kiara H., Age 12 --- Virginia
  • October 29, 2001
    " If you say I give up, you lose.
    If you say I'll try, you might just win;
    But only you've got the power to choose."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by D.T., Age 13 --- Illinois
  • October 26, 2001
    " There is no such thing as a bad experience;
    There is only unpleasant and pleasant."
    Copyright © 2001 J. Falcone
  • October 24, 2001
    " The winner doesn't always win, but keeps trying.
    The loser doesn't always lose, but gives up."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by D.L., Age 16 --- Victoria, Australia
  • October 22, 2001
    " Laughter precedes learning."
    Copyright © 2000 Dorothy Lynn
  • October 19, 2001
    " Life isn't about finding yourself.
    Life is about creating yourself."
    George Bernard Shaw --- Submitted by Sara H., Age 17 --- Florida
  • October 17, 2001
    " Strive to be the teacher that students remember long after they've graduated. When they do, you know you've truly touched their lives forever."
    Copyright © 2001 Vanessa Paje
    I am a teacher because I was inspired by one. Not just an ordinary teacher. But an EXTRAORDINARY teacher. He was my high school science teacher, Mr. Dorsa. I didn't just learn about cell biology, or what ligaments in our knees make it possible to walk. I learned about life. He taught me to believe in myself, to reach beyond the stars. He believed in all of his students. I graduated HS in 1995. I went back recently for a visit. His walls are covered with thank you letters and sentiments from former students. And I thought to myself, Wow. After so many years, students still write about how much they miss him and his class. This is the kind of teacher I strive to be. And I believe that I will be!
  • October 15, 2001
    " Although we may not always understand, all things happen for a reason."
    Author Unknown
    --- Submitted by Ali Lafcioglu --- Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • October 12, 2001
    " The desire to do something is the proof of our potential to do it."
    Eric Butterworth --- Submitted by Murali Duggineni --- Andhra Pradesh, India
  • October 10, 2001
    " The teacher is one who makes two ideas grow
    Where only one grew before."
    Elbert Hubbard --- Submitted by L.D., Age 17 --- South Carolina
  • October 8, 2001
    " Knowledge is the power to think clearly and to appreciate life."
    Brigham Young --- Submitted by Ana Paula --- Argentina
  • October 5, 2001
    " But knowledge is as food, and needs no less
    Her temperance over appetite,
    To know in measure what the mind may well contain,
    Oppresses else with surfeit, and soon turns Wisdom to folly,
    As nourishment to wind."
    Milton --- Submitted by Dick Mozzer --- Connecticut
  • October 3, 2001
    " When I look in the mirror, I just want to like myself...that's all.
    And if I like myself, then I look good."
    Gia Marie Carangi --- Submitted by Sonja Rideout --- California
  • October 1, 2001
    " To say one does not judge, one would not be human."
    Copyright © 2001 Jackie Luster
  • September 28, 2001
    " Education breeds confidence.
    Confidence breeds hope.
    Hope breeds peace."
    Taro Gold --- Submitted by Carol Miller --- California
  • September 26, 2001
    " Teaching is the highest form of understanding."
    Aristotle --- Submitted by Axel K., Age 13 --- Colorado
  • September 24, 2001
    " It is up to man what he becomes."
    Louis L'Amour --- Submitted by Chen Fawn Meng --- Malaysia
  • September 21, 2001
    That Successful Man

    So many things I want to say, but I don't know where to start,
    What I say about this successful man, is coming from my heart,

    The first time I saw and spoke with him at my interview I thought "Success"
    He was young and successful, I knew, I didn't need to guess,

    I got my roster, Mr. Bane's Large Animal Science was my first Ag class of many,
    I had hopes and dreams that I would accomplish plenty,

    When I first walked in to his class from the hall,
    He stood waiting in his doorway, standing very tall,

    Then I learned his mood and attitude, I knew it could be hard
    I never wanted to admit it, but mine was just as bad,

    Every day he'd come in and said "PUT THE CHICKS DOWN!"
    He looked at me meanly, because I was always mouthing and messing around,

    Many times I got mad at him and I argued with determination,
    But he would never yell, in his stern voice say "Nicole, end of conversation"

    He said to me you get more with honey then vinegar time and time again,
    But I just kept giving mouth and attitude, so he would make me clean the pig's pen,

    He finally let me take my pig home,
    I wanted to keep him longer so I called to ask him on the phone,

    He told me NO he could not stay,
    Buddy better be back in his classroom that very next day,

    I felt he was way too tough on me,
    The word "No" from him to me came so easily,

    But for some reason I had a feeling he did it for my own good,
    Because he was always there to help me study whenever he could,

    I get frustrated because I can't concentrate to take a test I try the best I can,
    But he has this special way of teaching that helps me to comprehend,

    My friends say he was my dad and call me young Bane,
    I'll always be so proud of that and never feel ashamed,

    He does remind me of my dad at hand,
    But I only wish my dad was that successful man,

    "No!" if only I could have,
    That successful man as a dad,

    So many times we would get so very close,
    But then something would go wrong, I hated that most,

    But I always acted like it didn't bother me and tried to stay real strong,
    By using mouth and attitude, that's where I went wrong,

    He then would become mad distance and cold,
    My stubbornness matched his as I became mouthy, rude and bold,

    Then one day it was too much for me to handle,
    Mr. Holly called a meeting, but I felt like I was in a scandal,

    I wouldn't feel any better until I told him just how I felt inside,
    But I couldn't talk any longer so what I did was broke down and cried,

    Then he said so kindly, "it's okay Kiddo"
    I felt so much better that he could say so,

    I felt better knowing he understood me and my feelings were not sore,
    I want to be just like him, he's a Great person, I couldn't ask for any more,

    He has forgiven me for that one horrible thing I once did before,
    And the million times I walked out of his classroom, pissed off slamming his door,

    So we had some conflicts, doesn't matter who's at fault,
    What matters is we got through them, with understanding, forgiveness, and a lot of thought,

    We went to the farm show, it was awesome, we had a ball,
    A wonderful experience, and great conversation in the hall,

    The trips we took were always so educational and fun,
    But that was because they were planned by that successful one,

    I learned so much from all he's taught,
    Because everything he did always came with a lot of thought,

    I still remember and use it today
    When I'm lost and confused, that knowledge helps me find my way,

    He's an awesome teacher and very dedicated to us all,
    That's why he was the most popular teacher here at Saul,

    One day he said he got a new job and was moving away,
    I acted like it didn't bother me and said "Hey, that's okay"

    But inside I was really hurt, sad and scared,
    Knowing that successful man, would no longer be there,

    I always knew that day would soon come,
    Someone else would offer him a better job,
    Because he was that successful one,

    I prayed to God we'd stay in touch,
    When that last day of school came, I wanted to say so much,

    But at the time I felt he took it as a relief,
    And all hope of staying in touch, would surely decrease,

    I wanted to tell him how I felt and that it hurt me so bad inside,
    But I thought if I did, all I would do is break down and cry,

    Knowing he was leaving and I'd never see him again,
    Just made me want that last day, to never end,

    I love and care about him more then I can ever say,
    And it hurts me so badly that he had to moved away,

    I look up and respect him more then he will ever know,
    I can put my feelings on paper, but my feelings I can never show,

    That successful man became an inspiration to my life,
    He had become my role model, I felt I lost him without a fight,

    I wish I could tell him just how very much he means to me,
    I want to be just like that successful man, as you can see,

    When I started school again things were not the same,
    When I needed guidance, I could no longer go to Mr. Bane,

    I tried to hold my head up high and always do as he taught,
    When I had questions, in his teachings, my answers were sought,

    Then one day, he called my mom and their friendship would begin to mend,
    If there were any problems left between them, I just wanted them to end,

    The farm show came and he was missed,
    Things weren't on schedule nothing was hit,

    No fun, No motivation, it just wasn't the same,
    And that was all because there was no Mr. Bane,

    No American pie, No ball to play,
    I wish he had never moved away,

    But I held my head up high and helped like I was told,
    He said "No attitude No mouth! Be nice Nicole!"

    I'm so happy we talk I hope we never stop,
    I'm loved like a daughter, and he is loved like a pop,

    At one time to me his name was Mr. Bane,
    He's now Jay but still that successful man is the same,

    He loves and cares for me and gives me great advice,
    Some times he can be mean, but mostly he's really cool and nice,

    One day he said to my mom "I think Nicole has ADHD"
    I was scared but then realized a successful man had it, the same as me,

    He talks to my counselor and makes suggestions to my mom,
    He says to me "Love ya kiddo, don't worry just stay calm"

    I always listen to what he says very close,
    I feel he's smarter, he cares, and he knows the most,

    Over the months we became even closer you can see,
    But I still got scared he stop talking, caring, and give up on me,

    But then one day he told me he never would,
    I believe him, because I trust him, like ways that I could,

    It's very important what he thinks and says to me,
    I'm going to follow in his foot steps and be successful he will see,

    Even though he lives a 1000 miles away,
    Somehow he always knows if I mouth off that day,

    When I do things wrong he gets angry, upset and mad,
    I know I disappointed him, and it makes me feel so bad,

    I know better than to be disrespectful, give attitude, or mouth,
    If I do, I'll be spending some time in the house,

    When he gets pissed off at me the things he does I don't like,
    But I soon realized after, its only because he loves me, so I feel he was right,

    He does those things to me because he cares,
    He wants his success to be mine to share,

    He tells me nothing comes easy, work hard at everything I do,
    "You must constantly work at improving Nicole" I know what he says is true,

    School is a struggle, some times I want to throw in the cup,
    But he won't let me, he'll call up and say "Hey Kiddo, what's up!!"

    He has a way with me like no other,
    He can get through to me more than anyone, including my mother,

    I'll always remember all he has done for me,
    One day when he needs me I'll be there for him, he'll see,

    It's so cool how he made everything he did very educational, but also so much fun.
    But like I said before, its because he's that successful one,

    And ever though he not here and he's sadly missed,
    He'll always be number one at the top of my list,

    Any school who gets him, for them he'll be a plus,
    He's awesome, dynamic, a great education to him is a MUST,

    Things at Saul are so dim, boring and plain,
    Our school without him, is definitely not the same,

    I wonder if he would ever come back to stay,
    Maybe if they gave him what he deserves,
    "Which is a heck of a lot more pay!"

    That Successful Mans name is Bane,
    I only wish mine was the same.
    Copyright © 2001 Ryan Nicole Flynn
  • September 19, 2001
    " I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday and I love today."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.S. --- Missouri
  • September 17, 2001
    " The first three letters of Success are TRY."
    Copyright © 1995 John T. Matsik
  • September 10, 2001
    " I would like to write about a special teacher that has changed my life. I was the worse student in class, failing almost every subject I took. Many of my subject teachers hated me because I did very badly, some even wanted to force me to drop their subjects, and were even very unhappy with me when I did not.

    I thought that all my teachers hated me until my form teacher talked to me one day. She expressed so much concern for me until I cried. And when she knew I was feeling very stressed, she took time off to talk to me, tell me never to give up. She was the only teacher that's been so nice to me despite my lousy results.

    Thank you Mrs. Josephine Sherwood. You have indeed make a difference in my life. Even if I do not make it for my 'O' Levels, I would like you to know that you've really been great to me and I love you a lot. Thank you."
    Written by Anonymous, Age 16 --- Singapore
  • September 7, 2001
    " When the One Great Scorer comes to write against your name -- He marks not that you won or lost -- but how you played the game."
    Grantland Rice --- Submitted by Submitted by Prosper Walker --- Texas
  • September 5, 2001
    " There is no past or future just the present, and it's what we do in the present that will make the future and write the past."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brett W., Age 17 --- Victoria, Australia