MARCH 2001 - APRIL 2001

  • April 30, 2001
    " Teaching is not a profession, it's a passion."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by A. Schoen --- North Carolina
  • April 27, 2001
    " The key to happiness is freedom, and the key to freedom is courage."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Steven Matthews --- Pennsylvania
  • April 25, 2001
    " The greatest teachers I've ever met didn't teach me facts from a textbook. They taught me about myself and about the kind of person that I want to be. Teachers don't always realize the impact that they can have on a person's life. You DO make a difference every day. Thanks AM, KW, and LC - the best teachers ever."
    Michelle S., Age 19 --- Ontario, Canada
  • April 23, 2001
    " It is easy to teach, but it is painfully difficult to be a teacher."
    Copyright © 2001 Daniel Engstrom
  • April 20, 2001
    " Positive thinking creates a positive mind,
    Which then creates positive people."
    Copyright © 2001 Matt Day
  • April 18, 2001
    This is a thank you that is well deserved. Last year when I started high school, I was extremely nervous about what was to come and who I would meet. I had no clue about anything. I received my schedule and noticed that I had Mrs. Neal for History. Well all my friends had Mr. Foulk and I was kind of upset about that. We tried to get it changed but the classes were already full so I was stuck all by myself.

    Well I know now that there was a reason why I was put in her class. I am in her class again for Sophomore History and am very thankful. She has always been there for me. Over the past two years, she has seen my good side and my bad side and loved me in both stages. I think that she deserves a lot more credit than she receives. She really cares about her students and tries her hardest to let everyone have a chance to succeed. I know that she has helped me figure out a lot of things and has helped me through many problems and hard times.

    Thank you Mrs. Neal for being the person that I needed you to be.
    Copyright © 2001 Abi Brock
  • April 16, 2001
    If you are a teacher and you are reading this, you are a role model. Believe it or not, there is a student out there watching your every mood; this student thinks the world of you. You as a teacher, to be a great one, should look for that student. Talk to them, smile at them, at least wave. Let them know they are recognized and cared for. As a student who deeply admires a teacher, who barely recognizes me, I can tell you it's one of the worst feelings in the world! Please reach out to your students. They need you more than they or you may think!
    Wishing to remain anonymous, Age 17
  • April 13, 2001
    " It is when one believes one has learned all there is to learn, and knows all there is to know, and believes others are usually in error, it is then that nothing is learned, and little is known. Text is easy to memorize, but to grasp the essence takes a willingness to learn and a lifetime to earn."
    Copyright © 2001 Nina Blaise-Marie
  • April 11, 2001
    " Spring is here, which means that Graduation will be creeping up on me in no time. The experience is bitter-sweet for me. So many people I care about I have to leave, but a brand new world is ahead of me. The only quote that can show me that change is a good thing: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end ".

    So to all the teachers out there who care, thanks!"
    Kates --- Age 18 --- New Jersey
  • April 9, 2001
    " A child's home life may not be good quality and although a teacher cannot save every child, he/she can do everything possible to improve that child's life. In every classroom there will be a child I will want to save. If there were to ever come a day when I stopped feeling the need to save children, then that is the day I would know I shouldn't be teaching. A teacher should always feel that innate reaction to help in every way possible to improve a child's life in any way. That is what being a teacher is all about."
    Copyright © 2001 Megan Oliver
  • April 6, 2001
    " If I gave you a clean sheet, what would you write? Would your words be long and graceful or short and sweet? Would it be poetry, or just plain English? If you have something to say, say it now. For soon, and always too soon, my sheet will be filled and this chapter will end as soon as the next will begin; with a clean sheet, new authors and a million possibilities."
    Bauer Hockey --- Submitted by Nathan Herrington --- Ontario, Canada
  • April 4, 2001
    " We learn history, not because it bores the heck out of us,
    But so we don't repeat it."
    E.F. --- Submitted by J.W., Age 16 --- Maryland
  • April 2, 2001
    " At this moment in time, our technology surpasses our humanity.
    But when I look at me and you, I now believe that our humanity
    Will one day definitely surpass our technology."
    Albert Einstein --- Submitted by Sizwe Dlengezele --- South Africa
  • March 30, 2001
    I never realized how much my genetics teacher, Mrs. Cooke, actually cared about me until she asked me why I was so depressed. Now, none of my other teachers seemed to care so this caught me off guard. She told me that if I ever need to talk to her about anything at all, she'd always be there for me. It's very comforting to know that she actually does truly care about me and wants to help me get through some really tough times.
    Thank you Mrs. Cooke.
    Amy S., Age 17 --- New Jersey
  • March 28, 2001
    " Every child's life is like a piece of paper
    On which every person leaves a mark."
    Chinese Proverb --- Submitted by Holly Penner --- Manitoba, Canada
  • March 26, 2001
    " I will do better tomorrow from what I have learned today."
    Copyright © 2001 Kate Ballard
  • March 23, 2001
    " The only thing in life that is achieved without effort is failure."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brian D., Age 17 --- Ohio
  • March 21, 2001
    When I was in 8th grade I met the most inspiring person in the world, and she was my p.e./health teacher. At that time in my life I was in a mess with my family because I was trying to change which parent I lived with.

    One day this teacher saw that I was upset, and she asked me what was wrong. Immediately I could tell that she was someone who I could trust and confide in so I spilled out everything that I had on my mind. I have never heard better advice from anyone. We became closer and over the time I have known her, she has taught me more than anyone ever could by just following a lesson plan.

    She taught me to stand up for what I believed in, and to never let something bother me that I cannot control. She taught me to never give up and to always look for the good in people no matter how much easier it might be to bring out the bad. Along with these things, she has taught me so much more and inspired me in so many ways.

    She is not my teacher anymore, but I still keep in touch with her often, and I am always sure to tell her just how much she means to me. My family knows that she has gone way out of her way to help, and I thank God that I have her in my life.

    She is my angel and one day I plan to follow in her footsteps and become a wonderful teacher that has the gift to touch a child's life, and make a difference doing it.
    Copyright © 2001 Heather Gillespie
  • March 19, 2001
    " The more one learns, the more they realize they do not know."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Z.J. --- California
  • March 16, 2001
    " Miracles are natural; when they do not occur,
    Something has gone wrong."
    Helen Schulman --- Submitted by Erin Brown --- Florida
  • March 14, 2001
    " Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind;
    And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind."
    William Shakespeare --- Submitted by L.F., Age 16 --- Australia
  • March 12, 2001
    " Minds are like parachutes. They only function when open."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.A., Age 18 --- Washington
  • March 9, 2001
    Back in October 1996, my four year old daughter, Courtney, was asked,
    "What makes people different?". She responded:
    "People are not so different. They are like a box of crayons. On the outside a different blue, pink or green, but on the inside people are all just crayons."
    Copyright © 1996 Courtney McNeil --- Submitted by Jeannie McNeil --- New York
    ( I thought that this was a really profound statement and one uttered with total sincerity. I am proud of my daughter, now eight, for her total acceptance and love for diversity. )
  • March 7, 2001
    " The more you prepare outside class, the less you perspire in class.
    The less you perspire in class, the more you inspire the class."
    Ho Boon Tiong --- Submitted by Kenyon Kor --- Singapore
  • March 5, 2001
    " Keep smiling and don't be too hard on yourself!"
    Cindy Iffland --- Submitted by Bonnie A., Age 16 --- Connecticut
  • March 2, 2001
    " If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
    Albert Einstein