You Can Achieve What You Believe

Circumstance And Your Directional Compass

Thoroughly, each day, our conduct and misfortune is the integral force between us and our ability to manifest the abundance provided within the universe.

A day is particularly defined by out inner emotion; a statement of reality on a multitude of levels and it is those who we surround ourselves with that conclude our daily existence. It is not only these two factors that apply to our existence, as well, we can determine that our environmental factors can be detrimental to your growth as a human all the same.

Have you surrounded yourself with thorns, or have you surrounded yourself with enlightened beings?

Our inner bias and worldly definition of people and experience is what sways our overall opinions and can particularly be the prime source of your personal dilemmas.

Are you enabling these events to occur?

Whichever circumstance you are dealt, you have been a part of it and the ability to move forward is the ability to be accountable for your role in the particular circumstance. Sometimes we are the middleman, and sometimes we are the cause. We must account for what role we play before the life lesson is learned and we move forward.

This isn't to say that every circumstance has a negative outcome; every circumstance is a prophecy of God to your own personal reality. It is said that we were built in the image and likeness of God, which means to some that we are the builder of our own path, as well, the directional compass of our own lives.

We can achieve as much and as little as we believe, not what the plain eye has defined our present reality. You may go as far as you wish, and you may go nowhere. This does not mean anything contributing to your intelligence or anything in such a way but the definition of your conscious awareness.

You may not go unseen by the eye of God. Full spectrum; we eat, live, breath, see, don't see, God at every moment of our lives. It does not matter your religion or belief as it is all the same. God was brought to touch all in many different ways and forms, even to those who do not believe will undoubtedly face the same as the one with complete faith.

It is your understanding that brings clarity to your life and your bout with conscious awareness that will direct your personal compass on the road of life.

Copyright 2009 Will Barnes
It's a message that can really dig beyond the surface of many.