All Of Creation Caters To You

Nature At Your Behest

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In the morning, the sun wriggles its way with piercing brightness through the mass of clouds to have a peek at you, beautiful one!

During the day the wind comes along, blowing you gently, feeling you up like a lover.

The earth has always been there to bear your weight and for you to stand on.

The rain only falls, not to wash away your fadeless beauty but to make it sparkle for the world to gaze.

The trees have been around to shade you from the sun, whom they think might be giving you an overdose of his love it barely realizes. They produce fruits in the hope that it will please you more and keep you close to them.

The night comes with darkness as its strategy for dominance, blotting out every other contestant for your attention, that you may rest knowing dullness brings drowsiness.

Mother moon and her children the stars are always favored before the night. With their soothing and gentle character, she ushers them to your place of rest. All night long they watch entranced as you sleep.

Above all, the divine Creator watches needless as His creations cater to you, cautioning them where and when necessary because you are the cream of creation.

Copyright 2007 Eineje Michael Ameh --- Nigeria
I personally thought it was the best of my written works. It was written to a lover, same who inspired me. Her name is Biyem.

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