Staring into the hazy yellow street lights my mind started playing games with my heart. Close I stood next to the person of my dreams. He was everything I wasn't; smart, intelligent and knew when to say 'No'. The only word that generally entered into my vocabulary was 'Yes'. I admired him for his courageous outlook on life. Not only did he treat everyone as equal, but he acquired a non judgmental attitude which is so rare in modern society.

Looking into that person's eyes was like looking inward into my own soul. Long I stood before him, searching for something that may never be found, which I long hoped was there. Just being there in that moment gave me the will to continue, just as if I was out to prove something to someone who didn't expect anything.

The hardest thing about this situation is that I was never able to express my true feelings for him, my immense gratitude for all the things that he had taught me and for all the times in which he would stay so he could just be 'there'. The biggest value he taught me in my life was to never take anything at face value; no matter how good or bad the objective may seem.

Some people are truly wonderful. The best people in this life are the ones that can distinguish between what people are truly like on the inside rather than skimming the surface and taking the first impression scenario.

Copyright © 2001 Courtney Fagan

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