For the heaven you've made all around me,
For the love I feel inside me,
For the strength behind me,
For all your inspiration,
For our close and profound relation,
For boosting my spirits when setbacks disillusioned me,
For hugging me when friends deserted me,
For loving me when my affair disappointed me.

For the support in my victories,
For the warm hugs in my defeats,
For the kisses on my wounds,
For the heartache on my disappearance from the rooms,
For the fixes on my jeans,
For always cooking my favorite meals.
For my neatly ironed dress,
For cleaning my mess,
For just sitting with me
And listening to me.

For the hand on my back,
For staying up all night long,
For the constant guidance,
For allowing me my independence,
For appreciating me for all good I did,
For making me see sense for all wrong I thought,
For teaching me to love the world and appreciate beauty,
For inspiring me to be independent and do my duty,
For encouraging me to fight injustice and do what is right,
For guiding me to fold my hands and believe in God's might.

I've grown and I've realized-
The enormous depth of your commitment-
Your sacrifices, your determination,
Your softness, your toughness.

You are with me, always-
Wherever I go,
Whatever I become.
You've been my angel, MOM, and
I want to thank you for all your warmth.

But I realize that nothing can equal the depth of your love;
And the only way I can ever thank you
Is to be an angel like you mom- for my child.

Copyright © 2001 Anila Sinha Sharma