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Unconditional Love

October 28, 2011


What I Learnt From Saanu

I love the company of dogs because of the way my dog Saanu lived with me. Though He is no more, my heart still becomes heavy and my eyes get wet when I remember him and the days we lived together. Just wanted to share what he taught me.

My beautiful dog, Saanu
Saanu, My Best Teacher

another picture of Saanu
Mero Saanu

# Enemies Are Friends

Dogs and cats are supposed to be natural enemies but for all their fighting, they've have learned to tolerate and enjoy each other's company. Wouldn't it be nice if humans followed their example? Rather than focusing on our differences, we should take time to know other people, even those who look and think differently from us. We might have a lot more in common than we thought.

# Greet Strangers As If They Were Old Friends...

When you meet someone new, what's the first thing that goes through your mind? Do you quickly take in their appearance and make a judgment about whether you'll like them or whether they'll like you? Do you avert your eyes and walk by so you won't have to engage them in conversation? Instead of being wary of strangers, why not reach out to them? You might be missing out on the chance to make a new friend.

# Sharing Your Toys Is More Fun

One day, Saanu decided to play "keep away", dropping the ball a foot away from me and then snatching it back as soon as I reached for it. Apparently this was fun for him, but I was cold, so I headed back towards my room... I wonder how many opportunities I've missed because I've been so busy playing "keep away" while someone was waiting to work or play with me. Life is a lot more fun when we share with others.

# Every Mess Needs To Be Cleaned Up Eventually...

Saanu loved bathing, he asked me to clean his dirt filled legs after our morning walk. I therefore learned to keep myself clean whenever needed, mentally and physically, and if sometimes I cannot, then to seek help from my elders and associates. Saanu's bathing adventures reminded me of things in my life that needed cleaning up.

# Take Time For LOVE...

I was lying on the floor with my eyes closed, following an exercise tape, when I felt warm breath on my face. Before I could react, Saanu was slobbering his wet tongue in my eyes, nose, and mouth. I wasn't in the mood to be bathed in dog spit but as I started to push him away, I realized that I'd much rather be playing with him than exercising.

Too often we're so intent on sticking to our hectic schedule that we don't take time for a little unscheduled love. Maybe someone close to you just needs a moment, so connect with a kiss and a hug. When the moment arises, stop what you're doing and share an affectionate moment with someone you love.

# Work Hard, Play Often, And Don't Forget To Nap...

I sat at the computer, my stress mounting as my deadline neared (board exams...). Saanu lay at my feet, sound asleep amidst the chattering of my keyboard and papers falling to the floor as I searched for my notes. I envied his nap time. A dog's approach to life could really teach us a lot about rest, peace, and success.

Saanu's wasn't distracted by deadlines. He worked when it was required, rested when he was tired, and played with energy. That, in my view, is the kind of balance we all need in our lives.

# Be Willing To Forgive And Be Forgiven...

I once kept uncooked non-veg on the dining table. And it was somewhat my mistake that I was so careless. Saanu jumped onto the chairs and then to the table and ate all of it. I was so furious that I started scolding him. He stared at me with his shiny and innocence filled eyes and forwarded his hand to me which meant "I'm sorry, Manisha". Yet, his woeful look was so cute that I couldn't be mad. I just patted him on the head and feed him. Everyone was happy.

Like Saanu, I've learned that it's better to own up to my mistakes, rather than try and cover them up. They'll get found out sooner or later, so it's better to admit my errors and ask for forgiveness instead of worrying until I'm caught.

--- Copyright © 2009 Manisha Shrestha Bundela
I am pretty sure no one can love me as purely and selflessly like Saanu did.

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