Greatest of the Great

Great, America Great
The god of all nations
Lord of all states
Voice of the voiceless
Strength of the weak
Eyes of the blind
You are the lion claws of the earth
The un-slumbering eagle eyes ever awake
Your fang, a devastating missile to injustice
Great America, great

Lead America, lead on
Abolisher of slave trade
Installer of rights
Enforcer of justice
Light to the dark world
Terror to the terrorist
Spine of the human rights
Pursuer of justice for humanity
Slaver freer
The land of freedom for all
Blanket of naked
Hope of the hopeless
With you, opportunity is not a waste
In you talent is celestially optimized

Great America, Great
Long live great fathers that begot great leaders
With you, color is fashion
Content is valued
With you gender is style
Age is number
Religion is choice
Freedom is full
My eyes hope to see you someday
My foot itches for you
Though terrors many are in the world
But with you, all hope is not lost

Great America
Keeper of peace
Great America
My gentle giant
Great America,
O my greatest hero
The fairer morale of the earth
Great America,
Hope of the unborn generation
Live on and lead on
Great America, the greatest of the great.

Copyright 2011 Ezekiel Peace Igbodo --- Nigeria
I am not a professional poet, just a literature student who loves to write poetry. I choose to submit this poem of mine to inspire America and also to let them know that it is not only their citizens alone that appreciate and cherish all of their endeavors in ensuring that human rights are upheld and that the world is made a safe place to live. I personally appreciate their heroic deeds.

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