Do You Have a Positive Attitude Or A Negative Attitude?

How To Recognize A Negative Attitude

How you feel and how you react is in direct relation to how you think. Some people let random circumstances predict their day.

For example, they go to make coffee and find there is none left. They start the day by sarcastically thinking, "Oh great, this going to be a good day". Then, for the remainder of the day, they allow minor inconveniences, unexplained challenges, or other less than ideal events to reinforce their original negative thought.

You can recognize their negative attitude just by listening to how they talk.

If you allow your mind to dwell on unhappy situations, you can expect your day to unfold in the same manner.

Look forward to your day and don't let negative thoughts control it. Change how you interpret or react to life's events, and you actually change your attitude from a negative one to a positive one.

If you run out of coffee, change your thought to: "if this is the worse thing that could happen to me today the rest of my day will be great."

If you continually think negative thoughts then you are setting yourself up to allow only negative events to be your companion for the rest of the day. When something good does occur, you won't even recognize it.

Written in 2008 by Catherine Pulsifer --- Submitted by Lauren C. --- New Jersey